Harry and Meghan announce the farewell to the profile Sussex Royal: greet 11 million followers


Published on Mar 31, 2020


Approaching an important date for Harry and Meghan and a few hours ago, the pair made a move very significant that comes directly from social. As you know, from the first of April, Harry and Meghan will not be at the workshops-part of the royal family . And clearly will not be able even to use social that they bring their “old name”. The dukes, in fact, announced with a post to leave the account @SussexRoyal, after the " no " of the queen to the use of the trademark “Sussex Royal“. It is also true that Harry and Meghan may request ( provided that it is granted) to be able to still use that profile, changing perhaps only the first name, since that has a population of over 1 million followers.

But let's imagine that the couple will have no problem to collect the same number of supporters in a matter of a few hours. When in fact it was the launch of the profile Sussex Royal, in a few days people from all over the world had begun to follow. We imagine that will be the same even with a different profile, maybe even less institutional.

“The world at this time seems extraordinarily fragile. Yet we are confident that every human being has the potential and the opportunity to make a difference (...) The most important thing in this moment is the health and well-being of all, and the search for solutions to the many problems which have arisen as a result of this pandemic,“ the authors wrote Harry and Meghan from the profile that is still followed by over 11 million people.

Then the announcement is more explicit: “We are concentrating this new chapter to understand how to contribute to the best. Even if not, you'll find us here, our work continues. Thanks to this community for support, inspiration and a shared commitment to the good in the world. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon“, write the dukes in their last post, and signed simply “Harry and Meghan”.

We imagine that we will see them soon, maybe in a less institutional, from which they can not only share shots of their everyday life but also show you everything they are doing in their new life! We'll see...It says that one of the reasons why Meghan truman gates has insisted so much to leave the royal family is also the impossibility to use social for work, but not only, a thing, to a former american actress, is not very manageable, apparently!

In the meantime, from the United Kingdom comes the joyous news that prince Charles is healed from the coronavirus

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