Harrison Ford under investigation: accident airplane touched


Published on Apr 30, 2020


Last April 24, the star of Hollywood 77enne Harrison Ford has gotten into trouble with the Administration of Aviation Federal of the United States (FAA). While he was piloting his own plane, the man cut the way to another aircraft that was attempting to land at the municipal airport in Hawthorne. The FAA reported that the two planes approached at a distance of approximately 3.600 feet” from one another, but there was the danger of a clash.

It was also recorded an audio of the incident, in which you hear about with Ford, the operator of the control tower, which intimate the aviator “to continue to tack” on the track, because of “traffic”. The operator then, with harder tones, adds: “to Cross the track now. I told her to turn in. You should me listen to”. Ford, a little awed, she replies: “I'm sorry, sir, I understood exactly the opposite. I'm sorry, terribly”

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It is not the first time that the actor is in bad waters with the authorities of aviation. In 1999, he had a problem with a helicopter during a training session, then his Beechcraft has risked to go out of track in Nebraska a few months after. In march of 2015 has made an emergency landing on a golf course of Santa Monica, with an airplane of the II world war with a broken arm and head injuries.

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In 2017, however, missed by very little a jetline that was carrying a hundred passengers, and has landed his aircraft on the wrong side of the runway at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. From all of these episodes Ford has always managed to emerge unscathed, and even after the latest incident, the FAA has not imposed special restrictions, if you are not the one to pay attention to. The authorities are still doing further investigation to better clarify the dynamics of what has happened.

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