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Published on Feb 23, 2020


The penultimate episode of the first season of Harley Quinn – our review HERE – it was closed in dramatic fashion: the Ivy had been wounded to death by the Joker.

Behind his kidnapping, and the plan that had brought the Scarecrows to unleash an apocalypse of vegetation zombies on Gotham there was, in fact, the Clown Prince of Crime in a single blow, he had exploited the resources of the Legion of Doom and took his personal revenge on Harley, a rematch of the final and most bitter guard to the heart, eliminating the friend Ivy.

The funeral of Ivy, starts this thirteenth episode and season finale titled " The Final Joke.

Harley and her gang are mourning the Ivy to his funeral. Your Harley is more than ever willing to take revenge, but we should not throw himself into a charge headlong against the Joker... you have to devise a plan, and for this we must involve even the Batman.

The Cavalierie Dark agree though doubtful, but the clumsy “interpretation” of the villain clayface sends all the air confirming the beginning of the reign of terror of the Joker who becomes the true King of Gotham.

Harley, now a fugitive, not give up and decides to try everything and for all by giving himself up to the Joker in the hope of eliminating it by saving her friends and the city. The Joker welcomes you with open arms, tired of the city under his domain that does not amuse him more and blackmails her by making her wear her original costume.

It is finally clear to Harley Quinn from the reality... fortunately, however, this is not the case thanks to a providential intervention whose consequences are catastrophic: Batman and the Joker are missing and Gotham is destroyed by an earthquake.

The Final Joke closes in a crazy and exaggerated, the first season of Harley Quinn in the wake of an inertia, a very positive that has characterized the whole of the second part of the season.

It returns powerfully on the duality between Joker and Harley, and on the morbid attachment of the first to the relationship of subordination of the second. All of that is embodied in the costume – fetish that should be subjected Harley – while the plot moves between humor always less coarse and full of interesting quotes and solutions explosive with a final cliffhanger that is a nod to a second season – starting on April 4 on the platform of the DC Universe – promises doomsday scenarios.

Started quietly and not without some step definitely in a vacuum – in a tone a potty mouth and exaggerated, and a lack of clarity from the point of view of the film, Harley Quinn has been able to correct very good at shooting on the run thanks to a test in the cabin of the voice acting is excellent, especially Kaley Cuoco and Diedrich Bader or Harley and Ivy. There is no doubt that the series has begun to recover when it is pointing more firmly to the original material.

Hard to say if this series can be recommended to the general public, only fans of the character or casual readers. This is definitely a transverse series which engages with security in that Harley Quinn-mania just as a transversal and a lot of luck is bringing to DC.

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