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Published on Feb 22, 2020


In Harley Quinn, after being able to finally be accepted into the Legion of Doom, and after being again ammagliata by the charm of the Joker, Harley had lost first his gang – downgraded to assistants simple, available to all members of the Legion of Doom – and then the friend Ivy get tired of being the second choice in relation to the Clown Prince of Crime.

In the eleventh episode – our review HERE – Harley, after having sought refuge from his family but ending up with a cut on the head of the missal by the father, had run to the aid of the Ivy come into the hands of the Scarecrow.

The plan of the villain was simple: to create a new toxin powerful thanks to the physiology of Ivy from spreading over Gotham.

The escape was daring, with a foray into the mind of Ivy, but Harley and his gang had not been able to prevent the toxin to be spread to Robinson Park, the result is the beginning of the twelfth episode, the penultimate of the first season, titled Devil's Snare.

The trees turn into zombies thirsting for human flesh. The crisis draws Batman and the Justice League and the neurotic Gordon ready to nuclearizzare the park, while to prevent the infection... while Harley and his need to convince the Justice League that behind these invasions are not, they are there they will also discover who suggested the Scarecrow this insane plan.

After the providential intervention of Kite Man, and the inevitable confrontation between Harley and Ivy on the scapestrata relationship between her and the bizarre links, it is just Ivy to take over the reins of the situation, taking the same toxin/fertilizer that has transformed the trees and that will make it huge.

In the meantime, to take advantage of the chaos will be another distinguished colleague of the Legion of Doom that he has in mind, only vengeance against Harley, and in fact, will strike directly at the heart, metaphorically speaking.

Devil's Snare is one of the best episodes of this first season, and with this penultimate episode, Harley Quinn sealed a winning formula, and balanced clear “performance anxiety” of the early episodes.

Not only the episode is a humorous figure half-way between the gag and the quotations but fail to put it rightly in the service of a plot distinctly cartoony for performance and especially for the final, which clearly is a cliffhanger in view of the season finale or the thirteenth episode to end this first season.

At the center of the madness of an invasion of trees, zombie, returns and incredible twist remains in the triangle between Ivy, Harley and Joker in a relationship that, as explained very well in the first few episodes, it digs deep into the insecurities trying to obtain that emancipation from the relationship unbalanced and the clarity to make the decision to stroncarli.

In this sense, the dramatic final touch is the end of an episode that maintains the inertia to the positive of the last run of episodes, preparing for the better in the final, which has as only task to not trivialize good so far, and reached, not without some step-load and less precise.

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