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Published on Feb 15, 2020


Harley Quinn arrives much from a series of episodes from the inertia and positive and who have revived the fortunes of a series that had vivacchiato especially in the central part of the first season.

In the last episode – our review HERE – Harley, after being re-abbindolata by the Joker and having lost in only one shot his best friend and his crew, had sought comfort in his family when, however, old disagreements and finding themselves with a bounty on the head of the missal... by his father! The reconciliation was done of course in a way that is anything but peaceful with much of the shooting against a group of mobsters and Harley had been joined by Frank – the carnivorous plant-speaking of Ivy, which had said that the friend had been abducted, and had asked for help.

Harley was then catapulted in to rescue her, while we discovered that the captor of Ivy was the Scarecrow.

In this eleventh, and the third and last episode, titled Harley Quinn's Highway, Ivy tries for the umpteenth time to escape coming again captured by the Scarecrow to learn the piano.

Harley in the meantime, seeing what is the place where is held captive the friend decides to put pride aside and ask for the help of his old band, though reluctant, agrees to help her only to be able to thus liberate the same Ivy.

The entrance to the industrial complex is enhanced by the providential intervention of a bumbling Sy Borgman while the escape will be a bit more complicated, because Ivy is catatonic after the last injection of the Scarecrow.

With the help of Pyscho then to Harley and his gang will enter the mind of the Ivy uncovering what is his biggest fear. The awakening, however, there will be time for the comparison between the two because the Scarecrow threatens the whole of Gotham: then begins a furious chase on the... Harley Quinn's Highway!

However, when Ivy and Harley finally decide to meet and you will reconcile, the Scarecrow, in surprise will be able to carry any case to the fulfillment of his plan.

Harley Quinn Highway is an episode that is well-structured, whose only flaw is to use, in the central part, a solution already used previously, which dampens slightly the rhythm and the attention.

The episode shines certainly for a screenplay that manages to weave in an organic way is the narrative with an antagonist pulled out of practically nothing in a way that is immediately effective in the secondary with the relationship between Ivy and Harley, who, it is pointed out but without overdoing it.

The whole thing is topped off with a good dose of blood and exaggerations, but fit like a glove with the overall mood of the episode that is being kissed even by a humor that makes of the quotations, his point of strength.

Excellent direction, which remains, thanks to simple but effective solutions to a constant tension but never obvious them of course in the long sequence of action of the chase mid-way between Mad Max and Wacky Racers.

Only two episodes from the end Harley Quinn not only has obviously found the proverbial squaring of the circle and a balance of narrative and formal, but it has become – finally – a series that is worth to follow, fun and exaggerated.

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