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Published on Dec 08, 2019


Last week he finally made his debut on the platform DC Universe the animated series adult oriented Harley Quinn with a first episode – our review HERE – in which the girlfriend of the Joker, which has become hugely popular in recent years, also thanks to the awe-inspiring cinematic interpretation of Margot Robbie, he had tried definitely its own independence after yet another misadventure lived by the hand of the Clown Prince of Crime.

To help her in this difficult journey, the past, even for a long stay in Arkham, there is Poison Ivy, which he had to use manners very strong to show you how to actually be the Joker of her amounts to little or nothing.

The first step was, of course, a drastic change of look...

In this second episode dedicated To the High Bar, Harley learns that the Joker has not taken well to their break up and for this are trying to discredit it.

Harley of course will seek immediately to regain the respect of all the other villain of Batman breaking into one of their meetings... the bar mitzvah of the grandson of the Penguin!

While Harley's sudden and then an improbable robbery, ruining the feast, the young man Joshua, Ivy is approached from a viscidissimo but clumsy Kite Man.

With the Joker intent to enjoy the scene, the Penguin is more than ever determined to take revenge on Harley, but his plan goes up in smoke when the same Harley will make note to all present that the Joker is just a bully with no respect nor regard for her as for them.

Even if awkward as the first attempt, Harley remains convinced of the desire to enter the circle of the villain of Gotham!

Compared to the debut of the last High Bar is definitely an episode to be more balanced and definitely more enjoyable thanks to a screenplay that is more direct and of a humour that, while not giving up neither to exaggeration nor to bad language, it is certainly to be more effective and less obvious.

While remaining on the Harley and its emancipation, the pivot of events, the merit of the script is to use the most of the secondary characters and use them to better able to enhance in a grotesque their features – see the Bane “insecure” that came along the lines of what nolaniano – while you waste the references to his works and not with an exhilarating Kite Man.

The humor is more “the end”, playing in a perfect balance between jokes of a sexual nature, but never too exaggerated, and those of cross-reference to the jewish tradition – a great classic of the comedy american.

Excellent as always the interpretation of Kaley Cuoco that seems to have really fallen into the character as well as his chemistry with Lake Bell that makes credibilissima a Poison Ivy particularly “caustic”.

To the High Bar it corrects a bit of a negative impression of the debut, also strengthening in a decisive manner the direction taken by the series. However with thirteen episodes total available would be necessary to even start sketching a plot of horizontal if not for anything else, because in a vertical way and without strong arguments, you are likely to return more or less on the same stylistic thing, as much as fundamental in the animated series, for adults, may represent a dangerous limit beyond which lower the quality of the series.

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