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Published on Dec 01, 2019


It was only a matter of time before the second character is currently the most popular of the DC mind at all, especially after the comics and the cinema, also the TV with an animated series.

We are of course talking about Harley Quinn has become in a few years by the character of worship, created as a character in the seminal Batman: The Animated Series, and blockbuster sales in the comics thanks to a pair of appropriate series regular pop icon with the interpretation below of the beautiful Margot Robbie in underestimated the Suicide Squad.

Thanks to the streaming platform DC Universe has been, therefore, developed this new animated series simply titled Harley Quinn.

In this first episode, titled Til Death Do Us Part, we see yet another shot of Harley and the Joker is foiled by Batman, and to other ill-treatment of the Clown Prince of Crime to his jester.

Harley is then transferred to Arkham sure that in a few days her Mistah J is to release her. It doesn't matter if all the other prisoners, trying to convince her of the contrary, Harley is convinced that the love of the Joker is sincere, and that will soon be released.

After a year, however, Harley is still a prisoner and will be Poison Ivy to drag it along during a flight. Because Harley is stuck obsessively to a man who mistreats her?

Despite being back free, and with Ivy in her consciousness, Harley is unable to break away from the influence of Joker, and when the Riddler is said to be “the criminal is more fun than Gotham City” will rush to the aid of her beloved pastry, remaining, however, again disappointed... and if everything was a plan to make him conscious of himself and of his situation?

Everything, of course, will go for a drastic change of look!

Making people laugh is an art refined and complicated so as to create an animated series from the cutting adult, intelligent and non-trivial. Harley Quinn was unfortunately not able, at least in this first episode, to be persuasive on either of these two fronts.

The premises of the series are familiar to those who maybe has chewed a bit of character, especially fumettisticamente, in recent years, with the need/desire for the emancipation of Harley from the Joker.

All this, however, is very bitter. Not enough blood, guts, some batting vile sexual and a few curse words free to make the series “mature” and not primarily to make you laugh or at least smile.

Yet this Til Death Do Us Part some good idea to be there. As the idea of empowerment feminist latent that passes from the sympathetic relationship between Harley and his alter-ego Harleen that the one with Ivy. There are also interesting dynamics – the Gordon particularly neurotic or the petulant man-eating plant in the apartment Frank – while some of the pop spot will make happy the viewers more savvy and/or knowledgeable of the DC Universe – sensational the one in Batman Forever.

The episode sins even a little bit from the technical point of view. The character design is generic, drawing on the full aesthetic of the Timmverse but increasing often the characteristics of a caricature while the animations are not consistent, with some heavy falls of quality.

Not just the excellent test to the dubbing of Kaley Cuoco – the beautiful Penny The Big Bang Theory – in the role of Harley Quinn to revive the fortunes of an episode that is hardly convincing. The potential to improve seems to be there but if you are looking for the Harley Quinn “original” you will be disappointed.

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