Happy birthday to Patty Pravo, a symbol of Italian pop music

Published on Apr 09, 2017

One thing is certain: I, if there is, they are to let a mistake, the more that search for perfection. Perfection makes me a little bit scared and gives me a sense of coldness. (biografieonline.en) the Divine, a forerunner of fashions, sophisticated, eccentric, elegant, unconventional, unpredictable. But, above all, unique. Always beautiful, always intriguing, the face of melancholy but still bright, Nicoletta Strambelli, then become known by the name of Patty Pravo, can induce a certain nostalgia. Nostalgia for a time gold will never return, of a unforgettable season in which the hopes of millions of young people poured to the streets and the taboo were shattered, the freedom conquered with a harsh force, and the dogma being questioned. It was a time of “Piper”, the legendary nightclub where condensation of the beautiful social life of Rome, of which Patty Pravo has been for years the champion unbeatable. Born in the decadent lunar and Venice on 9 April 1948, he spent a childhood particularly quiet. He enrolled first at the Conservatory of his city; he attended courses of composition and piano. A few years later (early 60s) the wave of new rock music and the beat that comes from the USA and the nearest to England, the lead to leave Venice to reach London, thus coming in direct contact with a new reality. Return from Britain ends up settling in Rome, where in the meantime it was born the already mentioned “Piper”. And it is right there between guitars, mini-skirts and hippies, Patty Pravo become a star. In particular, Alberigo Crocetta, a lawyer and a roman, a talent scout for the occasion (watch case), the founder of the “Piper”, that realizes its full potential. A few weeks later, the young girl is in the studios of RCA, where he recorded his first disc: “Ragazzo triste”, the Italian version of “But you're mine” (translated for the occasion by the ever-living Gianni Boncompagni). The success is overwhelming, the people, soon learns to associate the sweet face of Patty Pravo at the voice of a personal and powerful that it immediately makes a character unique, the new, dramatic.His voice opens a real new way to the renewal of Italian song, to the introduction in the patri national boundaries of the beat genuine, thus becoming automatically the spokesperson of thousands of girls, suddenly eager to imitate it.In just a few appearances on the TV to confirm the success of the album. The reappointment comes with the later recordings: the new 45 rpm “I'm with you” and “Here and there” are out to steal, as well as a few years later (it will be already the ’70 forwarded) “You make me girar” or “Crazy idea” (the latter is perhaps still the song that most represents).Loads of commitments Patty Pravo attends many events in all the cities of Italy, to several television shows, and the ubiquitous “singer-songwriter”. No shortage of film proposals, among which is included a film inspired by its history and climate of those years, titled cleverly “The immensity (the girl from The Piper)”. There are also other heroes of the time, like Don Backy and Caterina Caselli. From this moment onwards, no longer count the albums that he has recorded with various record labels. Free and independent woman he never wanted to (or was able) to remain bound to a single label.After a short period of fogging coincided with the end of the years ’80 Patty Pravo is back in vogue in 1990, winning the musical event “una rotonda sul mare” and recording a new disc with his hits reinterpreted in a modern key. Still willing to experiment, and in 1994 recorded in Beijing a new job: “Ideograms”, sung in Italian, chinese, French, and with the use of “slang” invented, drawing inspiration from the local dialects. The disc unfortunately does not go into the leaderboards and even a new festival of Sanremo serves to revitalize the sales of the album. And then again pause for Nicoletta until 1997 where the result is explosive right at the Sanremo Festival, thanks to the wonderful interpretation of the song “Tell me that you do not want to die,” signed by the great Vasco Rossi, and thanks to the next album, “Night, trouble and freedom” that recapture an audience that had never really forgotten.After a further collaboration with Vasco Rossi from the album “A woman and dreams”, in 2002, returns to Sanremo with “The immense”, and a new album: “Radio station”. Many of the new and already started projects: two soundtracks (one for a film by Roberto Faenza, the other for a film that she will be the protagonist), an autobiographical film, a live album, with the Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel (which will be recorded in a concert in Naples) and to finish a show, “The fool”, apparently already ready for the Rai. His work, released at the end of march 2004, is called “Nic-Unic”. On 2 October 2007 released in the bookstores the book “blah, Blah, blah...”, the autobiography written with Massimo Cotto. It is published in November 2007, the album I Hope you like it...Pour toi..., a tribute to the venetian artist as the lead singer of italo-French Dalida twenty years after his death. The cd contains pieces from the classical repertoire of Dalida in French, Italian, and Arabic, with the new arrangements. The album is produced by the French label Kyrone Gp Music. In 2008 she released the single “doll” to celebrate the forty years since its release. The new version of the song, born for the game thanks to the musicians during the rehearsals of the tour, is accompanied by a video of Patty Pravo pays homage to Amy Winehouse through her signature look. In the month of February of the following year he participated in the Sanremo Festival 2009 with the song “And I one day I will come there”, composed by the young Andrea Cutri. The new city is inserted in the double Live album. Back to Sanremo 2011 with the song “The wind and the rose”, and in 2016 (for the tenth time) with the song “Skies”.

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