Happy birthday Mickey mouse, 70 wonderful years in Italy


Published on Apr 04, 2019


The iconic cover that rides the imagination of all italians back in the newsstands in a revised version. “Mickey mouse Magazine” celebrates the age of seventy only a few months away from the ninetieth birthday of its famous protagonist all over the world, Mickey Mouse. And celebrates in a special way: in the annex to the “Mickey mouse magazine” no. 3306, on sale from 3 April, it will be possible to get the commemorative plaque of the 70 years of the newspaper, special edition for all the fans that follow him always.


By the United States with a fury, the story (and the stories) of the Mouse to arrive long before 1949, when the Italian publisher Nerbini acquires the rights in 1932, and published them in newspaper format. “The Mouse” survives even to the fascist censorship made by Mussolini on the characters in comics are not Italian, as he and his sons worshipped the adventures of the cute mouse overseas (crf). Gori, Gadducci, Blade, Except Mickey Mouse. The cultural clash between fascism and comic book, Nicola Pesce Editore, 2011.). After a forced break in 1943, “Mickey mouse” resumes publications thanks to Mondadori in 1945, to be published in the format of albetto A5 that we all know (April 7, 1949), a paperback which had great success in public and was completely dedicated to the universe of the beginning of the industrial revolution; it was adopted that format as the Mondadori wanted to make the most of the expensive machinery purchased for the printing of the magazine “Selection”.

His publishing history is filled with evolutions and changes: in 1988, is published for Walt Disney Italy and, in 2013, closes the association with the publisher and the magazine it came under the management of Panini Comics, which continues to publish the stories so much loved by the wide audience that ranges from 0 to 99 years. On the small pages of the Mouse you are told and re-told famous stories that have been part of the collective imagery: from the longest-running Hell by Guido Martina and Angelo Bioletto(1949-1950) the most recent Topodissea, the return of the Topolinide Roberto Gagnor and Donald Soffritti(2018), Mickey mouse, Donald duck and all the others have lived and relived the great classics of history and literature, contributing to the popular knowledge of the great stories of the past.

Not only the stories but also the characters: the icons of pop culture have been “paperizzati” and “topolizzati” on the pages of books or in strips. The kicker PaperTotti, the american actress Bebe Vio, the journalist Vincent Paperica, the singer Claudio Baglioni and many others have lived fantastic adventures and imaginative, surrounded by the whole gang of Mickey mouse and Donald duck.

The protagonists of the Disney stories would have never been able to exist without the talent of hundreds of writers and artists able to be moulded by the imagination of the beautiful stories which we have always been accustomed to. Many were the signatures of the native that have made this newspaper, both in Italy and abroad: Guido Martina, scriptwriter who is always amused with the artefìci of the Italian language; Giorgio Cavazzano, one of the designers most long-lived in the house Disney (50 years!) that has made her stretch a style icon (also the author of the reinvention of the cover of the legendary number 1); Giovan Battista Carpi, the designer also remembered for having created the duck superhero Paperinik; Romano Scarpa, designer, father of Brigitta, Trudy, Atomino Bip Bip, Brutus, Filo Sganga, Sgrizzo Duck, Paperetta Yè Yè and many others; Luciano Bottero, designer shapes, psychedelic and unusual; Francesco Artibani, screenwriter and co-creator of PK, the superhero cyberpunk, which protects the Earth from the threat of Evroniani.

At the side of the “Mickey mouse” there's always been publishing initiatives in parallel, such as card collection, coins to.and. reproductions of the Number One of Uncle Scrooge), construction toys, battery powered (Topowalkie, PK Blaster, TopoClic, PaperBoat, and many others, that can be assembled by collecting the four pieces that came out in the attachment to Mickey mouse, for 4 weeks), which marked almost always the beginning of the summer, given that a good percentage of these toys were designed for use in the open air.

The intent moralizing and educational journal is addressed to all segments of readers as possible, and touches on issues to which science, bullying, racism, History, and art. The annex to the “Mouse” series of stories, Comics&Science, the adventures in the Story with the time machine of the Zapotec and Marlin to the lessons of the plurilaureato Pico de Paperis, “Mickey mouse Magazine” is always in step with the times, never forgetting the needs of the new generations and being always with an eye towards the future (that, sometimes, it is even able to predict it).

Long life to the “Mickey mouse”, and 70 (and more) of these years!

Happy birthday Mickey mouse, 70 wonderful years in Italy is




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