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Published on Dec 27, 2017


Makoto Okazaki is a shy and submissive guy of the high school, sexually frustrated, and, in addition, being bullied by some of his classmates. One evening, while going to return a DVD to the store, is attacked by a strange girl, who jumps on him and bites his neck. From that moment on the life of Makoto's changes: his nature and his needs are accentuated, and Makoto doesn't know how to control his new nature.

Shuzo Oshimi is back in Italy with his new manga, which is about vampires but in a different way from how we are accustomed usually in the world of manga (no characters ephebic and beautiful in the style of shojo, as in Vampire Knight, but a normal high school boy, I would say, almost a boy, ordinary in all) for nararre of these ceature of darkness following the classical canons of the west.

The plot is, of course, the side of the original manga, given that the cliche of the guy turned into a vampire, which acquires new skills and stra-abused, as well as stra-abused the theme of the problems that it is facing with its insatiable thirst for blood. However, it is the relationship of Makoto's who is around it that makes this manga interesting. Especially the relationship with Gosho, the girl with which it establishes a relationship of friendship and love, based on a misunderstanding, and with Yuki, the bully that if he took it with Okazaki, but that also seems destined to establish a different relationship with him after the transformation.

The characters, therefore, are the positive note of this manga: Yuki is not the usual bully of the manga, but it could be close to the character of Hisashi Mitsui of Slam Dunk; Gosho instead it looks like a girl particular, with a pisicologia all its own, but also with unsolved problems; we will see how they will evolve the relationships. In short, the introspective side is one of the bases on which the author has decided to build its history.

The best thing about this manga is the atmosphere that Shuzo Oshimi has managed to recreate in the pages is palpable, the tension, the awareness that soon there could happen something bad. The side that may not meet the taste of all is the fact that the pace is slow, the author prepares slowly to the scene, raising the tension a little at a time but in a constant way, always trying to show the psychological side of every event, focusing on the actions and reactions of the characters.

From the point of view of the drawing, the stroke is crude, somewhat reminiscent of the first manga that arrived in Italy in the early years of their output, which is very different from the lines thin and clean, and that for some years now characterize the japanese comics. Another particular note are the differences in design between the scenes of horror and scenes of the everyday life of Makoto. In the first we find games of shadows and a different use of the layout that focus the board on details of the scene, as the parts of the body (neck, eyes,..).

Panini Comics offers a classic volume was without any extras, except on the pages of the manga.

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