Hair, hairstyles, christmas the most beautiful to accomplish (VIDEO)


Published on Dec 01, 2019


At Christmas, the look must be taken care of in the smallest details and therefore the hair is very important. For this today we see the hairstyles for christmas the most beautiful to accomplish, as shown by Adriana Spink in the video that we propose in this article. It is of hairstyles you can do at home, wasting a bit of time but the result you will definitely like. In this way, you can find the top from the relatives who do not see you for a long time, leaving them open-mouthed. Furthermore, this hairstyles can be neat and elegant.

At Christmas, the hair stylists are closed and even if the Eve are open, we advise you not to go there because you could stay several hours in the waiting! Better then on do-it-yourself by following simple tutorials on Youtube, like the one that we propose in this article. We talk about the hairstyles christmas Adriana Spink, created with the help of a golden ribbon that serves to give it a touch more. Of course, if you prefer to create these hairstyles without this accessory, you can do so safely.

As you can see in the video, there are various ideas to fix her hair at Christmas, within the reach of all. The first is a low tail turned inside, as you can see in the process of the tutorial. It is important to be precise. You can then add the golden ribbon to be at the top.

Another idea is elegant, it is a high tail. Therefore, take this tail, making sure to leave it pretty smooth. Then create the curls with the plate or, for to do before, with the method that shows you Adriana Spink in the video. More than curly is curly is very soft and elegant. Also in this case, you can put your golden ribbon to further enhance the look.

Very beautiful is the hairstyle with a twist, which form then a tail side. We proceed by twisting the hair to one side and then the other, and, after having had a row on the side. All this is stopped simply with an elastic band. The final effect is elegant and no one would think that it took so little time for this hairstyle's christmas. This hairstyle can be enriched with a golden ribbon with which to make a braid.

This hairstyle can also arise as a result of another, that is, the braid-crown. Take the braid that you have done and let it go on the head securing it with the hairpins, as seen in the video. This hairstyles for christmas to fix her hair during the Christmas holidays, is the most complex but really easy to make.

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