Haikyu!! The Ace of the Volleyball: the synopsis of the OVA “Earth VS Sky” and updates on Season 4


Published on Sep 20, 2019


As reported in our article of August 16, 2019, the series anime of Haikyu!! The Ace of the Volleyball, inspired by the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate on Weekly Shonen Jump, will be entitled to a new OVA.

The OVA, titled Haikyu!! Earth vs Sky (Riku VS Kuu) – Haikyu!! The Way of the Volley, will be presented at the stand of the Toho Animation of the Jump Festa 2020 and marketed on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on January 22, 2020.

Always in our previous article, we saw the key visual, today, through the official web site of the production of souls, we discover the synopsis with English translation courtesy of @Haikyuu_EN:

“The Final Round of the Interscholastic Tournament Spring Volleyball – Qualifying of the Prefecture of Miyagi. After a tough battle in sports against the Academy Shiratorizawa, the Karasuno forward to participate in the National Volleyball.
On the other hand, the Qualifications are that of Tokyo are disputed by four schools, which compete to grab three seats in the second round: the Nekoma, the Nohebi, the Fukurodani and the Itachiyama. Will the Nekoma to advance to the National championship for a hope of defying the accerrimi rivals of Karasuno in the field of National? Beginning of the matches to determine the participants of the Tokyo National Championship Volleyball student!”

Haikyu!! OVA || Haikyu!!: Land VS Sky


— HAIKYU!! (@Haikyuu_EN) August 23, 2019

And remember, clearly, that the anime series the prince will return with the fourth season animated by January 2020 inside the container Super Animeism network japanese tv MBS.

In relation to the fourth season of the animated, today we bring you updates of production related to film soundtracks.

In fact, as disclosed by Yuki Hayashi on Twitter, the production has concluded the recording of the first and second session of the fourth season, and a third will soon begin.

Yuki Hayashi says that they've finished the first and second recording sessions for the Haikyu!! Season 4 Soundtrack, session three will be taking place tomorrow!

— HAIKYU!! (@Haikyuu_EN) September 16, 2019

Haikyu!! The ace of the Volleyball is a manga shonen-spokon written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate on Weekly Shonen Jump since 2012. The manga has collected at the time 358 chapters total, and inspired a three-season animated and produced by Production I. G.

The first three animated series taken from the manga of Haruichi Furudate, published by Edizioni Star Comics in Italy, are transmitted from Man-Ga and on Netlix (the first two).

In Italy, the original manga is published in our Country by Edizioni Star Comics with 31 volumes available.

Haikyu!! The Ace of the Volleyball: the synopsis of the OVA “Earth VS Sky” and updates on Season 4 is




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