Haikyu!! The Ace of the Volleyball, season 3 is on Sky Go and Sky on Demand


Published on Feb 18, 2020


Through its page Facebook the official Man-Ga, the channel 133 of the offer satellite tv, Sky, informs the audience of fans that the third season of the transposition of the original manga, Haikyu!! The Ace of the Volleyball team of Haruichi Furudate, published by Star Comics in Italy, is entirely available on the app is Sky Go and Sky on Demand:

Haikyu!! The Ace of the Volleyball Season 3 includes 10 episodes (broadcast in Japan between October and December 2016, and the fourth season is being broadcast on the Paramount Network, streaming free and legal.

One day, Shoyo Hinata sees for the case of the television, a game of volleyball in the high school Karasuno, and remains deeply impressed by a player who is called the Little Giant, a true ace despite his low stature.

He entered middle school, he enrolled immediately at the club volleyball level, only to discover that he is the only member. With a quick team, the last year he is finally able to participate in his first official tournament, but is crushed by the superiority of the team of Tobio kageyama is a, a talented setter nicknamed the King of the Field.

Decided to become a true champion and to have his rivicinta, Shoyo Hinata he enrolled at the much coveted high school Karasuno, despite the magnificence of the era of the Little Giant are now just a memory. The wait, however, is a surprise, even Tobio kageyama is a is entered in the same high school and they must be team mates!

Despite the frictions and the initial difficulties, thanks to the terrific understanding between these two outstanding new players, and the determination of the team, for the high school Karasuno it is time to return to the limelight!

Haikyu!! The Ace of the Volleyball, season 3 is on Sky Go and Sky on Demand is




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