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Published on Aug 13, 2019


Fantasy Football Study and Huddle Magazine together again for a new series on a weekly basis to get you prepared and upload your draft. The articles will come out every Tuesday, but you can also see everyone together in our Guide to Fantasy Football 2019: a practical e-book that will be published in the hot days of fantasy with lots of extras!

The fourth and last meeting is devoted to the draft ranking, i.e. the ranking of the ten best players for the position. To complete your preparation and face to the best of your fantasy draft, we are pleased to announce that in the e-book that will be released next week, you will find two bonuses:

Nuff said, here is our personal ranking. Each ranking is accompanied by a commentary on the choices and the position in general, please let us know what would you change in our ranking in the comments.

A Deshaun Watson (2) healthy for 16 games, could give much wire to twist to the undisputed leader of the standings – for now. Russell Wilson (5) with a lack of confidence on the part of the fantasy football expert, we are here to bring it back to where it deserves. Stable situation for Baker Mayfield (6) that could do the zompo in the top 3 without if and without but, if the harmony with the OBJ you can feel right from the start.

Slight decline compared to last year for Matt Ryan (7), that may end up with some INT and a few hundred yards less at the end of the year. Cam Newton (10) is cured and should have no difficulty to confirm his spot in the top 10. (Federico)

I leave out Tom Brady for the joy of the 79% of those who play fantasy football in Italy and I get off of ugly Deshaun Watson (3), placing it under QB to like him but with more experience. Ubiquitous the trio of Matt Ryan (8), Drew Brees (9) and Philip Rivers (10) that arrive are always of a fantastic quality-price. (Renato)

A top 3 on which you can discuss ben little: they are the three players that will be the first in all of the fantasy draft this year. Ezekiel Elliott (4) immaginatevelo with a big asterisk next to the name in view of the disputes of the contract: when you solve, however, Zeke deserves that place in all formats.

Some uncertainty around David Johnson (5) there is but if K1 starts to mesh immediately will be birds without sugar for all. AFC North big sweep with Conner (7), Mixon (8) and Chubb (9) that is preceded by a Todd Gurley (10) arrancante cause accidents that we hope will be resolved 100%. (Federico)

The top 5 is always that, even if things get complex with the contractual situation of Melvin Gordon (5) and Ezekiel Elliott (4). Todd Gurley (7) back to 100%, and despite the doubts on the physical body, that you can't leave out of the top 10, very good the position of the Nick Chubb (9) after the trade of Duke Johnson. (Renato)

DeAndre Hopkins (1) hands-down the top WR in the top 10 definitely facinorosa this year. Adams (2), Thomas (3) and Jones (4) potentially interchangeable, OBJ (5) deserves that spot because it is really in a perfect situation to return to dominate.

Adam Thielen (7) in my opinion, too underrated, behind Hill (6) only “fault” of the MVP last season. I will close with AB (10) based solely on the talent of the player but I look forward to further developments on this offseason to say the least, tormented – as of now, I prefer to stay well away. (Federico)

DeAndre Hopkins (1) remains the WR more reliable, but even in this case, the top 3/4 is widely interchangeable. Comes down a bit in the rankings Antonio Brown, who exits the top 10 for the physical problems of this offseason, and is part of our T. Y. Hilton (10) with a Luck of 100%. (Renato)

Also in this case, the top 3 definitely obvious, be careful not to take Eric Hebron (6) too soon based on last year's numbers. Hunter Henry (4) is the only real candidate to unseat one of the magnificent three from the podium, but we keep an eye on Jared Cook (5), for which the same applies to Hebron. Chris Herndon, IV (10) surprise of the year, we give Sam Darnold. (Federico)

Excluding the first 3 names are very difficult to put in a row, the rest of YOU. You have to consider who has the best position to succeed (probably Evan Engram, 4, given the lack of WR in New York city) and you have to keep an eye on the recent history of accidents (Hunter Henry, 8). For the rest, I can say that Eric Hebron (5) difficult to repeat last season but it still remains one of the best in this list and that this is the last year that I trust David Njoku (9). (Renato)

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