GUIDE: How to turn Videos into Live Photos to create new Live Wallpapers such as exclusive those of the iPhone X


Published on Nov 07, 2017


iOS 11.2 beta 2 introduced 3 new exclusive wallpapers on iPhone X, which recall the advertising spot of the device. We have already provided the download of these backgrounds (the static version) on iSpazio but today we offer you a guide that will take you to convert a video into a live picture that you can then set as the background, which is animated through the 3D Touch on all the previous iPhone or not updated.

This guide will outline a process that can be executed directly from the iPhone, using Safari (no other apps). If, however, you have to use a computer, then you will first download the video and inviarveli via email as attachments. Only if you are approaching the help from a computer you can skip step 1. and go directly to step 5.

1. Download the app iZip on your iPhone

iZip - Zip Unzip UnrarComcSoft CorporationGratuiti

2. By opening this article with Safari, click on the download below:

3. It will open a Safari page and you'll have to choose “Other”. At this point you will get the classic sharing menu of iOS and will not need to do anything other than scroll the first line of applications until you find “Copy-on-iZip”.

4. At this point, an automatic process will bring up the pop-up that says “Would you like to extract all files?”, click OK, and at the end you will see the 3 video extracts into a folder. Click the “All” button that you find in the bottom left of the application, select the 3 videos and then click “Save”. At this point you will find the video directly to the Gallery of iOS.

5. Download the application intoLive on your iPhone

intoLiveImgBase, Inc.Free

6. Start the application that will start already on the Video tab. Select the first video that you want to convert, then click the little arrow next in the upper right and choose “No repeat”. Will generate a preview, then click the button “Save Live pictures you find on the bottom right.

7. Now you will have the Live Photos saved in the camera roll. You just need to open the Photos application, find the wallpaper and set it as a Live Photo.

Please be advised in advance that on the iPhone “Plus” of the background can be a bit blurry because of the conversion in the Live Photo loses a bit of quality but mostly because the screen of the iPhone X is much longer and the image is aligned in height and adapted to the width, causing some distortion.

Keep in mind that this guide you can use it with any video, then starting from a video created with a resolution suitable for the previous iPhone (with the same aspect ratio) compared to the iPhone X, the final result will be perfect.

Article GUIDE: How to turn Videos into Live Photos to create new Live Wallpapers such as exclusive those of the iPhone X comes from iSpazio.




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