GUIDE: How to get a card UniCredit compatible with Apple Pay


Published on May 17, 2017


Discover how to use Apple Pay with the prepaid Genius Card di UniCredit.

As we previously reported, Apple Pay has finally arrived in Italy. UniCredit has already confirmed the compatibility with the service, which should be activated in the coming weeks. However, if you are not a client of UniCredit (or the other banks supported), and you want to still take advantage of Apple Pay, here is a simple solution offered by the bank, which can be used by anyone.

Apple Pay has just been activated in Italy! If you do not possess a card of the circuits that are compatible with Apple Pay, but you want to still take advantage of the payment service, Apple, here's a good alternative to UniCredit. In this article we will see in detail how to get a prepaid card at UniCredit, to be able to use it with Apple Pay on your iOS devices. Instead, if you are an existing customer of one of the circuits that are compatible with the service, we invite you to read our dedicated guide.

UniCredit offers the possibility to ask the Genius Card, a prepaid card that is compatible with Apple Pay. The request can be made directly from the official website of UniCredit or in the branches. For online application you will be asked your personal data, and at the end of the procedure you'll have to do a wire transfer to your account. Immediately after you will need to also send photos of your documents and sign the last of the required modules. It may be easier to travel to the office and carry out the process directly on the spot.

The Genius Card is a prepaid card registered reloadable with IBAN, which can be used in shops, both in Italy and Abroad, for online purchases and with the service of a Multichannel Bank that is included.

The costs of activation and the charges associated with are:

The recharging of the prepaid card can be done:

The card offers a service rather complete and advantageous, especially for customers Under 30 who do not have to incur any expense of the monthly fee. Other information regarding the service offered can be found directly on the official website of UniCredit.

Mobile Banking UniCreditUniCredit S. p.a. (4)Free

Once activated, your Genius Card, you'll have to download the app Mobile Banking UniCredit. At this point you will need to download and activate the application Monhey of UniCredit, which will give you access (once the service is activated) to your card through the Wallet, just as explained in this guide. In this way, you can take advantage of Apple Pay for your purchases in physical stores and online, using the NFC technology of the Apple devices. More information on the Apple devices compatible with Apple Pay and UniCredit can be found on the page of the bank dedicated to the service.

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