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Published on Aug 12, 2017


By Luca Rancati

When you reach Archades, the capital of the empire, our goal will be to slink into the lab, Draklor, a place normally inaccessible to anyone who is not part of the government or of the army archadiano. To do this, let's go to the district Nirbas, where to find a taxi; talk with the taxiguida and start a short sequence where Jul the informer, through the payment of 2500 gil, we will explain the operation of the leaves in the city. The white leaves, to Archades, they have a symbolic value and represent the social status and morale of a citizen archadiano: the more it we have, the more we will be respected. In essence, we will need 3 leaves for access to the city's high Archades, where is the laboratory Draklor. How to obtain them?

We need to speak with the locals dance on the streets of the city by storing the information that we will be using the option that appears. That information that we have stored will be useful to another individual that then we will have to report, resulting in a leaf.

But let's take a practical example: just after the sequence, talk with the archadiana in the vicinity of the stop, which turns out to be a “researcher encouraging”: we store the information when it is asked and seek, among other inhabitants, a “researcher junior”, who later turns out to be the “researcher clumsy”; let's face, we refer to the information et voila, we have our first leaf.

In practice, each archadiano in the city will have one of its nationals remuneration report the information which has to give us. With this method you can get up to 28 leaves, but for now we are only 3. Below are some of the couplings of the inhabitants in the neighbourhood Nirbas:

When we have at least 3, let us turn again to the taxiguida to access the district Zenoble. Once there we continue along the road and after a few movies we will be able to log on to the notorious laboratory.

The laboratory Draklor is a short maze in which we will have to destreggiarci between the two types of ports: the bulkheads are blue and the sides red. The open one will close the other and vice versa; but let's go with order.

Just come in, we continue along the corridors and arrived at the junction, take the road to the left to reach an elevator: of the two plans available and choose the plan 67. Once we arrive, we go immediately to the left and at the next junction, left again to get to a room where we will “pass the lab” and the complete map of all Draklor.

From this moment on will be accessible to us all those rooms square marked on a map from which, through an appropriate panel, we will be able to check the bulkheads of the red and blue ones. As I said, the open one will close the other and vice versa. Therefore, let us set out towards the room 6703 east to open the bulkheads and blue, getting rid of the various soldiers, head back towards the lift by which we have arrived: the target plane 68.

Here are the various rooms that we can find on the floor 67 and what they contain:

I stepped from the elevator, turn left and at the fork, left again to enter room 6803 east and lead the bulkheads in red. We leave the room, turn left and then left again to arrive at 6804 west, in which we will instead open the bulkheads in light blue. And yes, if you are asking to get to the bottom you have to turn practically always to the left. Once unlocked the doors to the blue we go out, we go left (eh), and, in the end, we turn first to the right, then left and then right again to head toward the room 6811 west, which is located in the most southern part of the map (as shown in picture) where invertiremo back the doors, opening the red ones. We go out and we go, look at the case, to the left: just around the corner, we have, to our right, some of the doors, including the room 6801 west: we arrived at the first bulkhead opened and entriamoci, continue on until the end and we will be able to take the elevator to the south that will take us up to floor 70.

Here, however, the rooms located on the 68th floor:

We watch the short movie and the first to climb the stairs, don't forget to enter the room 7002 east, where there lies a chest with the technique Alms. At this point we are ready to face Cid, and to recover the fragment of twilight!

Dr. Cid will be immediately protected by four robots, the Rukh, that we will have to break down before you can damage significantly. It is recommended that you set a gambit with Dispel against enemies in the status of the Reflex, given that our enemies will largely use. If we don't Dispel, we suggest to opt for a strategy that is based only on physical attacks, or we will soon be defeated by our own spells. Cid, in addition, the Cid also apply for other status benefits including Shell, Protect, Haste, and Rigene. We then evaluate whether the case is to set a gambit for them. Cid should not pose a big threat, even if you come about to 30% of the HP we shall cast its special attack, the Mortar magic S27, that could cause us problems if we already have the low HP. So be careful to keep them high up with the proper gambit. Once defeated, let's enjoy the various movies and prepare ourselves to reach Giruvegan!

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