Guendalina Tavassi vs Eliana Michelazzo show embarrassing to Live-is Not d'urso


Published on May 30, 2019


Among the worst moments in the episode to Live-Not the d'urso aired on the 29th of may 2019, there has been one that has seen as protagonists Eliana Michelazzo and Guendalina Tavassi. The two, who have been friends for over 10 years, if they are called of each and Michelazzo is output also from the sown, between profanity and scenes that we would gladly save for it. The Tavassi, a friend of Michelazzo from 10 years, said she has always suspected that her husband, Simone Coppi did not exist, and I waited all this time to say what he thought. Eliana is there and the accusation of having sold, to be a infamous.

But the Tavassi has even more to add: she explains that she was contacted by another Coppi, but he understood that did not exist. Today, however, you realize that those who proclaimed friends, they also cheated her, if only there was a waterfall.

The words of Gwendolyn Tavassi, which also shows a video recorded on the day of his wedding, a video in which the Michelazzo wishes you to be happy with her husband as she is with Simone:

I have been convinced from the first moment that the husband of Eliana did not exist. She told me of living in a villa with a swimming pool, and a dog, the husband, the magistrate who made the biscuits in the house, she prepared a suitcase to show that he lived somewhere else. The day of the wedding, I have made a wish saying that I wish you a marriage like yours and Simon's, but I have a million, in ten years, I have seen so many, but I have never believed in anything.”

The Michelazzo reminds the Tavassi, which has built a parallel life, that she even believed in the things he said.

“Vergognati! You are a villain! You should be ashamed of yourself, instead of to sympathize with a situation goto call journalists when you leave my room? Tonight you came for what reason? If you wanted to tell me something me have said in the face, after 10 years the friendship, where is it? [...] For me it was a disease, I wanted to go home with my husband, have a family. I have 40 years of ac**or, in 40 years I have not had a child? Because I had to be this way?”.

You can imagine the tone used.

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