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Published on Sep 10, 2017

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Guendalina Canessa is ready to start over in another city, but always next to her new love. The summer has brought the important news in the love life of the former gieffina, that after a couple of months the dark has resumed the relations with Pietro Aradori, his last companion. Now he is busy with the national team of basketball is playing in the Europeans in Turkey, but on his return to Italy, the two will coexist and will continue to do in Bologna.

The announcement came via social directly Guenda that he wished to inform all his followers of the good news. Aradori in fact, after being close to sign for the team of Turin at the end, instead, has decided to accept the offer of Bologna, close already to Reggio Emilia where he lived before, and once you have disposed of the labors of summer will begin training with the new team. With him also his companion who is most happy for this turning point: “I found the love of my life – has written the Canessa – and thanks to a special person, then I will tell you we found the house of our dreams in Bologna”.

But the post is much to discuss, too, for another phrase that the beautiful florentine has used. In fact, states have moved away during this summer some of the negative energies of the past and many thought her recent breakup with the one who was the friend of the heart, Karina Cascella. Officially none of the two wants to talk about, but it seems clear that there are no more reports. The former columnist of Men and Women, it seems, was contrary to the history with Peter, especially because it seemed to be little related to little Chloe, the daughter of Gwendolyn and this would have caused the fracture. They will succeed after all these trips to get back in good relations?

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