Guardians of the Galaxy: the farewell of Brian Michael Bendis


Published on Jan 07, 2017


The author will leave the head in march 2017

The number 18 in the series, due out in march 2017, will be the last of Brian Michael Bendis as a writer of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The writer will leave the head of Marvel, starring the group of superheroes, intergalactic, after it is brought into the spotlight with artist Steve McNiven, since February 2013.

The author, in a recent interview he explained the reasons for its decision:

There were a couple of reasons. Number one, I have come to the end of the story as I built it and it is now the time to leave.

Number two, I have made offerings to other projects, and I thought: “Oh, but I foil them!” and accordingly I have to renounce something.

Could I leave the Guardians in conjunction with the release of the film, or in the previous month, giving the possibility to the new creative team, starting immediately. The new creative team I like. I want to let them do it, but at the same time, I really want to co to conclude my final in great style.

Guardians of the Galaxy really is a beautiful headboard, the success of the first film and the arrival of the second, scheduled for April 25, 2017, has awakened the interest in this varied and superfigo group of superheroes.

The desire for Bendis to explore new job opportunities from diving into new projects is more than legitimate, and his enthusiasm towards the new creative team does, however, hope for the future of the headboard.

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