GTO Paradise Lost: Fujisawa announces to resume the series


Published on May 15, 2019


After about two years of waiting since the announcement of Toru Fujisawa, where he had communicated it to pause the adventures of the professor, the most beloved of Japan, it sees the return of the GTO Paradise Lost, the sequel to the series GTO – Great Teacher Onizuka.

A few hours ago, profile Instagram of the author, appears a reference to the series, after having announced the release of a new mini-series in two chapters, titled Re: Animal Joe:

“This is the revival of “Animal Joe” that will consist of 2 episodes, the first released this week in Young Magazine. At its conclusion, will resume the serialization of “GTO Paradise Lost”.”

We'll finally know how they're going to finish the adventures of Eikichi Onizuka, was imprisoned (perhaps) unfairly while saving his pupils from their misadventures, the daily?

GTO Paradise Lost is the sequel of the most known in the world of Toru Fujisawa, from the title GTO – Great Teacher Onizuka. The series is published in Italy by Dynit and currently is still at volume 11.

GTO Paradise Lost: Fujisawa announces to resume the series of




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