Greg Joswiak of Apple built into the new iOS games to console gaming


Published on Mar 22, 2018


In a recent interview, the VP of product marketing of Apple, Greg Joswiak said that now the quality of the games on the iPhone and iPad is reaching that of the console titles.

In his interview given to TechCrunch, Joswiak took as an example, two titles that came out recently on the App Store: Fortnite and PUBG: “The current generation of iOS games can be compared to console gaming. The latest titles will not only have a gameplay similar to their counterpart, but as in Fortnite also allow you to play in multipliattaforma with the PC players and console”.

It is true that even today, the majority of games for the iPhone is kind of “casual“ titles, definitely fun, but often dedicated to a category of players “hit and run”. The situation is however changing, especially in the last few weeks, with developers that are realizing the potential of the iPhone and iPad without resizing the console titles when they are brought in on the App Store.

“Every year we are able to amplify and improve the technology that we bring to the developers,“ said Joswiak. “The gameplay is full of these titles has awakened a lot of people.”

The consoles are typically updated at the hardware level every four years or more, which means that devices such as PC and iPhone, may reach and exceed the hardware of the console towards the end of their cycle, which definitely increases the potential for new gaming experiences.

Joswiak has noted that iOS is the primary goal for game developers compared to Android: “iOS bring developers a customer base is very homogeneous, in which 90 percent of the devices mounts the latest version of iOS. This means that developers can take advantage of the latest technologies, without any kind of limitation”.

In the light of these statements, is the perfect fit for a video that compares Fortnite for Xbox One X with the iPhone version:

From the menu screen to the first moments of a match, the two versions do not show substantial differences, despite Xbox One X is the console the most powerful on the market. Of course, much also depends on the type of graphics are not at the highest levels developed by Epic Games for this title, but the console versions mobile match in many points.

The differences become more noticeable only when you watch the movie side-by-side, especially in some of the dynamics such as the presence of rain. In fact, however, these differences are not so evident as could be expected.

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