Greg Joswiak, and Mark Rockwell speak of iOS 12


Published on Jun 06, 2018


As usual, John Gruber has interviewed some of the Apple executives for the special episode of The Talk Show WWDC. This year happened to Mike Rockwell, head of the AR Apple, and Greg Joswiak, marketing manager of the company.

The intervention of Mike Rockwell has focused entirely on the new AR presented by Apple at WWDC. In particular, the leader, Apple has explained that the company's goal is to create a universal format for augmented reality, a sort of PDF for the AR technology. For this reason, Apple has worked closely with companies such as Adobe and Lego, in order to understand which road to take to get to a file AR standard. Of course, Apple punta a lot about this technology and in the future are planned many new features, with Rockwell confirming the partnership with some of the producers of the viewers AR and VR to improve the user experience.

Not speak directly to the viewer AR made by Apple, but the road taken seems to go towards this direction. Of course, we are still in its infancy, and the two leaders have compared this phase to the first few months of availability on the App Store in 2008, when developers had yet to understand the potential of that news. In short, the future could reserve you many surprises with regards to the potential of this technology.

The conversation then shifted on the performance of iOS 12, that at least on paper should be significantly better even on older devices.

Joswiak has denied all the allegations relating to the update released by Apple with the intent of slowing down the older devices to encourage the purchase of new models:

This thought is more crazy in the world. We will give you a bad experience to push you into buying our new product? We have released many innovations over the years that some have forgotten just how great our update, We have provided updates incredible over the years.

What we wanted to do with iOS 12 was to pay particular attention to older devices under load. Testing out by the laboratories, in the use massive we noticed slowdowns on older devices, and we have worked to solve this problem.

Speaking of privacy, Joswiak reiterated that iOS 12 protection even more user data, especially with regard to the awareness of the data being shared: “we are Not against targeted advertising, and we know when the model in the ADS is essential for developers and web sites, but we want the user to be aware of the data that it is sharing“.

Head of marketing, Apple has also said that the company is working on these features for over a year and who are not therefore the result of the recent events that have hit Facebook. And the same applies to the functions of monitoring the excessive use of the device and a single app: the company has worked for more than a year of this feature, well in advance of the requests coming from associations and shareholders.

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