Green Valley: the fantasy “contaminated” you would not expect – Review

Published on Nov 17, 2017

The review of the miniseries fantasy Green Valley of Skybound by Landis and Camunicoli in the exclusive Premium Pack saldaPress

When in Lucca, we were able to set foot in the pavilion saldaPress Naruto & Friends, we were so excited that we wanted to accamparci there not only to avoid the rain, but, above all, to get lost among the hundreds of books and volumes exposed that they called us like the sirens of Odysseus, aware that we would not be able to take us all home as we wanted it to(sigh!).

In an abundance colour of the offerings, however, the obvious title green water on a charming and immaculate white pack has at once attracted our attention: here is the Premium Pack of Green Valley, the whole of the series is fantasy by Max Landis, was designed by Giuseppe Camuncoli for Skybound and brought to Italy by saldaPress.

It was love at first sight for this edition includes all nine stapled that make up the mini-series, with the elegant variant white cover number 1.

When we talk about Skybound, the label of american comics, a partner studio of Image Comics, we must always bear in mind that you will never find in front of stories of “normal” comics that might be confused with others: all the work of the publishing house founded by Robert Kirkman continues to be a winning bet, and Green Valley is no exception, unfolding in front of the eyes of the reader an exciting adventure, and surprise you unexpectedly.

Protagonists of Green Valley are the four horsemen of the fifth century, the glorious men of arms and of honour who defend the Kingdom of King Michael from the dangers of a world that is cruel and unforgiving, haunted by dragons and barbarian hordes thirsting for blood, the bearers of mindless destructive violence.

Sir Bertwald, Sir Ralphus, Sir Gulliver and Sir Indrid are the Knights of Kelodia, invincible warriors and valiant commanders (paraphrasing something that in the mind arises spontaneously) that for some they are just a myth, but for others, like the people that they, themselves, defend, are the only bulwark against the wickedness and destruction, paladins able to defeat alone entire armies. “Four against four hundred!”, as stated by someone, and their legend continues to grow.

But the fate of the four Horsemen of Kelodia does not know periods of peace and serenity and goes through the cliché of the man valiant that you lose and then find themselves again: a hero is such when it is able to get back on their feet after the defeat the most heinous, in the aftermath of the humiliation more complete, aware that great is only those who are falling find the strength to get up again.

The opportunity to ransom, however, will receive you in the shoes of a young boy who has to ask the knights of Kelodia ride together one last time, and help him defend his village from a dark and powerful threat that plays the role of a mysterious sorcerer, which oppresses with bloody violence, the inhabitants of Green Valley.

This mini-series autoconclusiva proves to be surprising and engaging, with the classic genre of medieval fantasy-which is “contaminated” by new and unexpected elements, where the myth, the supernatural and magic intertwine and overlap on different floors, and unimaginable.

The story enraptures and conquers from the very first pages and the classic stapled from a quick read, that characterize the run of the Green Valley, you will read with even more voracity, and rapidity, so much so that the pleasant opulence of vignettes typical of some of the pages, giving life to a chaotic (but not confused) the sequence of images that projects us towards an experience of almost cinema, guiding the reader towards the unexpected final upheaval that will surprise all.

Write Max Landis reveals herself to be full and comprehensive, able to dissect in depth the characters, even with just a few steps, so that, already from the second issue seems to be knowing them for an eternity, giving the illusion of a story much larger and extended that goes beyond albi.

Landis, however, does not stop at the hatch of the faithful of the protagonists and their stories, but literally launches them toward a fate that maybe not even the author is sure of know, surprising himself and the reader with events that develop in a surprising manner, and that reversed continuously the story right in the moment in which it seems you understand what's going to happen. Flipping through a page in the more you will be catapulted back into situations that rewrite everything once again, as a plot the film disorienting with the constant twists.

The plates of Giuseppe Camuncoli blend perfectly with the fabric of the fantasy of Green Valley by helping with lightness and stretches pleasantly realistic, to complete on time the script in a fusion successful between the text and the drawings.

The characterization of the characters and scenes is impeccable, and also some brief comic moment and the “light” is made believable and never out of context intense of the story and its setting.

To conclude the review a necessary step needs to be done on the materials: matte paper, and durable of nine stapled, gives a feeling warm and pleasant to the touch, exalting the colour of the plates but without them never overly bright (visually the fantasy atmosphere goes well with these shades); the variant cover white with hot printing of #1 is what enriches the Premium Pack, which, however, would have deserved (in my humble opinion) something more than a simple jacket card that contains the nine chapters of the mini-series that should find a place in every self-respecting collection!

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