Green Valley: available the new series of the label by Robert Kirkman

Published on Nov 10, 2017

Out today at Green Valley, a new series of Skybound, the label of Robert Kirkman inside of Image Comics

Today, thanks to saldaPress, is available Green Valley, a new series produced by Skybound (the us label of comic books founded by Robert Kirkman, a partner studio of Image Comics), written by Max Landis and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Green Valley tells the story of the Knights of Kelodia, of their desperate struggle to save their Kingdom, and of the toil that awaits them to be able to rise after being fallen.

It's a story in nine parts (nine albi fortnightly from 1.99 euros each, except the last, from 2.99 euros, twice as long), in which the courage, the weakness, the regret and the inability to accept death are in a fantasy-medieval series the perfect place to capture the reader.

But that's not all, because Landis has engaged in the main story an incredible breakthrough meant to displace and electrify all the players: the dragons are not really dragons and the wizards are not simple wizards.

There is one further aspect that makes Green Valley a very special. SaldaPress, in fact, decided to publish the series autoconclusiva in three different modes: the normal stapled fortnightly, and two different packs, that will allow readers to purchase all the books in one fell swoop. A kind of binge reading, in short.

In the first pack, that is the Regular Pack that has a price of 18,90 euro, includes all nine of the books in the series (€ 18.90); the second is the Premium Pack with its exclusive and elegant jacket white, and costs 23,90 euros, also includes the variant white cover number 1, and ten lucky ones will be able to find the white cover already sketchata by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

We do not say that in Lucca we took the opportunity to bring home one of the beautiful premium pack and not saying that we will soon publish our review of Green Valley.

We do not we told you!

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