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Published on Jan 08, 2018


The second part of the title says it all: we really need this character who tries in every way and manner of being in the midst of the blows and in the midst of trouble. The most skillful of Jackie Brown in contriving plans, its purpose is to get in trouble. But a Lizard doesn't like the classic trouble: his aim is to find oneself in the midst of the many most pissed of all. Monsters bonecrusher, females innervosite, storms, and more: who or what can stop it?

Created at the end of the Eighties, a Lizard has as a dad, artistic, Giuseppe Palumbo, the great designer diaboliko (and not only). The pages collected in this first volume, entitled the Lizard – cold Wars, have been collected at the end of a painstaking research by the team of Comicon Editions. The edition was published in the series “The Fundamentals”, which is responsible to collect and “present in Italy, original and reprints, maintained physiologically, the works of great Italian and foreign authors, consider it as definitive reference for all readers.” The episodes were originally published on several occasions on the issues of the magazine Frigidaire, from 1986 to 1989 and together with a group of authors phenomenal as Filippo Scòzzari, Stefano Tamburini and Andrew Patience, Palumbo joins the dream team with a superhero the only one of its kind.

Born to a pair of superheroes, the green Lizard has the peculiarity of being green, she loves the masochism and the like very much to be done in pieces. His body can be destroyed many times as you wish, but always returns to normal.

Some of these strange characteristics remind us of the distant the character of Dragon Ball, this Small (in the Italian Junior): also green, also powerful, also with the ability to reconstruct parts of the body amputated. The master Toriyama has had the opportunity to read some work of the master Palumbo in the past? Who knows.

The son of the excesses and pop culture Eighties, a Lizard is a response to the classical figure of the superhero, who tries at all costs to perform acts that are unselfish, and loads of good intentions. He lives primarily for himself, and its purpose is to give pleasure, taking damage to the body from external agents or even from their actions. In a time where the cornerstones of the culture were challenged and the image of the superhero is analyzed under optical different from the classic ones, the lysergic and the brilliant colors of a Lizard were camping in the pages of one of the magazines politically incorrect but art existing in Italy. In order to better frame the period of socio-political in the Eighties, we recall that, over the English channel, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have brought the Watchmen to the analysis of the Ego superhero levels extremely dark, discovering the Pandora's box of the role of the superhero as saviour of the world – and without the bird of Hope at the end. In Italy, Giuseppe Palumbo creates 100% a character-rich narrative potential, born from pop culture to pop culture.

Strange creatures that populate the spaces in the most unexpected of the universe, scenarios of wars intergalactic battles and battles local: moving the player in space, galactic, green Lizard reflects the social aspects and the rebellions, internecine world is born within the heart of the reader a cathartic liberation. A sense of satisfaction pervades the person who reads an adventure of a Lizard, that is a long ten pages, or that it is a single picture on the whole page. The superhero green is good in any graphic form is proposed: each of these is published by Comicon Edizioni, that you do not miss even a table of the unusual, offering a whole work more than full of “art green” Palumbo. For a version that is even more precious, the first volume of a Lizard is also available with the cover variant signed by his friend and colleague, and Tanino Liberatore. A edition perfect the read, re-read, touching and “sniff” well, yes, the paper used has a scent really good.


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