Green lantern: Mark Strong is part of the DCEU


Published on Feb 04, 2019


Although the film is released before 2013, so before Man of Steel, which is considered to be the first film in DC's Extended Universe, Strong has stated that Green Lantern is still part of the DCEU.

Mark Strong (Sinestro)

In an interview with Screen Rant, Strong was asked how his role in Shazam! has reflections on the movie the Green Lantern in the DCEU: “Is part of the DCEU,” replied Strong. “But, you know, my version of Sinestro, I think that will be restarted, as they say, without a doubt, when will the new Green Lantern, who I think is doing it, but ,as I said, and I think, I felt really so... it was then blocked, but Sinestro was about to appear in the second movie, and become the Sinestro yellow that know, love, and the cause of the chaos. It was halted by the fact that they never made a second film with that particular incarnation of Green Lantern and Sinestro. But, fortunately, I now have the chance to exercise my evil credentials with dr. Sivana”.

The declaration of Strong states clearly that Green Lantern is part of the DCEU, and it is clear that he is talking about the film and not Hal Jordan or Sinestro. However, even if were talking about both of the characters in the film, stating that they are canons in the DCEU, would continue to indicate that the film from which they come is part of that cinematic universe. This certainly does not mean that Green Lantern is actually part of the DCEU, given that it is not clear how Strong he knows of the intentions of Warner Bros., it Is quite possible that he misunderstood the question, thinking that Screen Rant asking of the existence of the character in general.

What is sure is that Green Lantern is considered to be one of the worst superhero movie of all time and the film grossed only $ 219 million against a budget of $ 200 million. Although there were plans for a sequel were cancelled because of the low feedback.

Green lantern: Mark Strong is part of the DCEU is




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