Green lantern Grant Morrison: the second season will be the last and will be shorter


Published on Feb 11, 2020


An unexpected news picks up the fan of Green Lantern and the volcanic scottish author Grant Morrison in the middle.

The second season of the acclaimed run on the character in the pair, with Liam Sharp, which will begin this week in the USA, will end earlier than expected, having been shortened from 12 to 8 outputs.

It was the same Sharp to confirm it in an interview and then via twitter adding, important news, there will be a Season 3: it is therefore likely that we will see a new creative team on the cylinder head or the cylinder head fasteners in conjunction of the event 5G which is expected to create a new timeline for the continuity of DC and replace the heroes with their versions more young people or other alter-ego in their place – for details click HERE.

The designer said:

“At the end of Season 2 is shorter than the first so Grant and I we have given in fun to the great as much as possible on a monthly series.”

On twitter, confirming the last 8 numbers instead of 12, has also replied that there will be the third season to a direct question, confirming the effort to draw the whole of this second season instead of turning to designers the guests.

Sadly not. 8 this time.

— Liam 'Sharpy' Sharp (@LiamRSharp) January 19, 2020

Sadly not, no. I must admit I've put so much hard work into the run, and to keep it one team, that I'm absolutely exhausted. I'll sleep for a month when it's over...

— Liam 'Sharpy' Sharp (@LiamRSharp) January 20, 2020

Remember that Green Lantern will return in a stapled monograph published by Panini Comics next April.

Green lantern Grant Morrison: the second season will be the last and will be the shorter of




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