Great hope in the youth of the CRI Luino. Exciting the memory of Cammillo Baracchi

Published on Feb 13, 2017

Yesterday, at the headquarters of the Red Cross Luino, and breathed the air of the great occasions in which there have been exciting moments and moving, especially during the memory of the late Cammillo Baracchi. Prior to the delivery of excellence in 2016 and the certificates to the new volunteers, the intervention of the President Pier Francesco Holes, and that of the president of CRI of Marina di Pisa, Alessandro Cerrai. There were, also, the blessing of the Quod donated right at the tuscan committee in memory of Cammillo Baracchi and numerous interventions on the part of the directors present in the room. Great hope in the youth of the CRI Luino. Exciting the memory of Cammillo Baracchi. A hard afternoon and attended the one experienced by the many people present yesterday at Creva, in the headquarters of the Red Cross of Luino. In a day of really exciting, hundreds of participants who wanted to share moments of great empathy and of gratitude to the many volunteers CRI, that you spend daily for our good on the territory, ensuring their presence indispensable. To introduce the president of the Holes that the first contact for new volunteers, wanted to briefly tell about the birth of the International Movement of red Cross and Red Crescent, which has only in Italy 160.000 volunteers, and the principles and values of one of the humanitarian organizations most important in the world. The memory of Cammillo Baracchi and the donation of the quod to the CRI of Marina di Pisa. After the intervention, the acknowledgements and initial greetings of the president Pier Francesco Holes, which we report integrally to the bottom of the page, it has been called Allegra Baracchi, the daughter of the late Cammillo Baracchi, died a year ago. Cheerful he remembered to the father first with a personal, touching testimony, with thoughts turned to “santa” and then with a video, photographs and phrases have led the public to observe strict silence as a sign of respect. With her, her children, always related to the CRI Luino. Cammillo wanted the quod that was used for the passion and pleasure that could be useful in some way, and so, after his death, the decision to donate to the CRI of Marina di Pisa in the middle, which will help them to better face any emergency, especially during the summer. Immediately after his words spoke the chairman of the committee toscano, Alessandro Cerai, who thanked the CRI Luino and the family and the Baracchi family for the donation, while in the margin of this first part was the blessing of quod by the provost of Luino, don Sergio Zambenetti. The delivery and the Excellence of the diplomas to the new members of the CRI Luino. Each year, the Red Cross Luino recognizes a praise to those volunteers who have distinguished themselves for commitment to the vulnerable, the passion, the defence of the 7 Principles and the promotion of the Committee and its activities. Call for volunteers for the delivery of awards to the vice president Elizabeth Farina: Roberto Cecchini, presented by the head of service in the ambulance Maximum Boldo and awarded by PierMarcello Castles, alderman of Culture of Luino; Italo Tavani, presented by the responsible for the social activities Lorraine Cesarin, and awarded by the mayor of Lavena Ponte Tresa Massimo Mastromarino and of Cremenaga Domenico Rigazzi, Robert Gervasini, presented by the responsible for the activities of the civil protection and acceptance of migrants Manola Scodeggio, and awarded by the mayor of Maccagno with Pino e Veddasca, Fabio Passera; Alice Panzeri, presented by the head of the Young Federica Scorciapino, and awarded by the mayor of Germignaga Marco Fazio; and, finally, Mary Huminiuc, presented by the responsible for the development Valentina Minauro and rewarded by the provincial councillor, Giuseppe Taldone, the president of the Health Commission of the Community Montana Valli del Verbano, Paul Henry. Thanks, anecdotes, and hopes, and in the interventions of all local administrators, that have thanked the committee of the Red Cross Luino for all they do in our territory. Finally, the delivery of the diplomas to the new Volunteers entered the Red Cross with the passing of the Basic course in the sessions of the 2016 and the last in January 2017. Some of them are still in training, as they have decided to continue with subsequent modules of the course to have certificate in ambulance transport of the sick and disabled and, in particular, in the rescue of 118. The integral of the president of CRI Luino, Pier Francesco Holes. “I thank all the authorities and friends present, – has explained the president of CRI Luino, who wanted to share this afternoon with new volunteers and officially entering active in CRI, with those who will be rewarded and with the significant donation of the family and the Baracchi family. Is the new volunteers that I address mainly. Today more than ever we feel the need to defend our be Red Cross. Why belong to this association means making a choice of the precise. It is a lifestyle choice that will have a significant influence on your approach to the problems, on your interaction with the continuity of the growth of the Community in which we live. We need to be stakeholders in the cultural. Because this is who we are. We are the bearers, defenders, advocates, and interpreters of a specific culture. The culture of the act and not more. The culture of application in our daily of the 7 principles. Those principles which we have just listened, that are the foundation of the Red Cross.” “Being stakeholders of the cultural means to be able to give precise answers to the needs of the vulnerable – continued Holes –: to the homeless, to those who are unable to get to the end of the month, those in need of real help, to those who languish in a state of poverty, to those who are suffering, to those coming from distant countries and starved by wars and poverty. And the vulnerable rely on us because we trust. Trust our currency, what we represent. Be in the Red Cross is, then, first of all, a responsibility which no one is immune: from the President to the last of the volunteers entered. We need to be able to reach as many people as possible, with a few resources, and perhaps not always with the help of all the Entities available in the public sector. And we must do so with efficiency, professionalism, and dedication. And to be efficient for the Red Cross and its volunteers, today it has become a humanitarian duty. Culture, Efficiency, Action, and Solidarity for a new volunteer must be concepts own facts every day. And solidarity is perhaps one of the most important. Have you thought from what comes the word solidarity? It's nice to discover the etymology of certain words. Derives from the Latin solidus. Solid. No cracks. This is what should be our be in the Red Cross. No cracks to the other. And to be without cracks, you have to believe strongly in the strength of our action. To our be, as I said before, the interlocutors of a specific culture and way of life. And if someone accuses us of doing politics, to take a stand against the ideas of the company that are proposed, and were also less seemingly to the principle of impartiality; I answer, we must answer that if politics is to defend, promote initiatives, and help the vulnerable of whatever race, color, national origin, social background, idea, sex, religion they are, if politics is to represent the interests of those who have not the strength to meet their own needs, if policy making is to do advocacy, if policy making is to then try to influence public policy and the allocation of resources in favour of the last, if policy making is to counteract the actions against human beings, against the principle of humanity, against those who want to build walls and not bridges: well yes, then we do politics, we do politics of the Red Cross, and do it with responsibility, following the testimony that has left Henry Dunant. And we do this because we believe, why we believe, that the territory is not important what we do but how we do it. These are the challenges that await us. This is our style. Without if and without but, for a true renewal of consciences and civil work of the volunteers of the Red Cross and all the associations that operate in the Communities in favour of those in difficulty. Trying to be better than that probably and we really are leaving a testimony healthy to our children that it can be a source of pride for them and for our Country”. It is closed so a day that, in addition to remember Camillo Baracchi and the founding values of the Red Cross, has given large space to the young volunteers who have decided to use their free time in an activity that makes them honor, by making us aware that with the boys as their hope of having a better world is not only an illusion, but a real likelihood.

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