Great Britain: get the ok from the northern irish, the minority government led by the May

Published on Jun 10, 2017

(ANSA) AND’ the state reached an agreement in principle between the conservatives and unionists in northern ireland the Dup, in the view of a minority government led by Theresa May. This was confirmed by a spokesman of Downing Street, quoted by the british media. Great Britain: get the ok from the northern irish, the minority government led by the May. The Dup, the party of the right, unionist northern ireland said yes to an “agreement in principle” with the british Conservative Party to ensure “trust” in a new government led by Theresa May. This was announced by the parent company, Tory, Gavin Williamson, at the end of a day of negotiations in Belfast. The details will be defined in a first cabinet meeting Monday, said Downing Street. The 10 members of the Duo are decisive, after that the Tories have lost the absolute majority in the elections on Thursday. Only, besieged and “without friends.” So a former spokesman describes today Theresa May committed to give life to a precarious minority government – after the boomerang effect of the vote in advance of british – whose team is trying laboriously to complete. Between vetoes and ultimatums that come from the files of the same Conservative Party that have already forced to sacrifice the two advisers most trusted and influential, the most feared and hated: Nick Timohty, and Fiona Hill. “A government that was neither strong, nor stable,” says Faisal Islam, political editor of SkyNews, with the former aspirant ‘iron lady’. A government clinging to the crucial outside support of the 10 members of the ultra-right unionist in northern ireland, the Dup. And waited for a pie’ fermo by european stakeholders for starting negotiations on Brexit, in a little more than a week. The timing does not change, has warned Angela Merkel from Mexico. Just a short distance from an appointment so crucial is the guarantee of survival to the power to May. Perhaps the only, prior to a farewell Downing Street that in the words of Faisal Islam and of many other commentators, “it is now only a matter of time”. First of all, it is about putting together a team. Yesterday May has confirmed in block 5 of the ministers that count (Boris Johnson for Foreign affairs, Philip Hammond, the Treasury, and Amber Rudd, the Inside, Michael Fallon the Defence, and David Davis to the Brexit). The sign of the very limited margin of manoeuvre. For the other departments is expected to reshuffle partial, to do with the eyedropper to keep the various internal components, and the discomfort post-electoral. But, in spite of the expectations, the game may not be resolved in the evening: at least according to the Guardian. It is also close to the negotiations with the Dup to the chat leader, Arlene Foster, today started to lay out its conditions: starting from the dossier Brexit, which is fundamental for the earth such as Northern Ireland, a prey to the vacuum of power in Belfast and at the risk of new tensions if it were ever put into question the porous boundary with Dublin. May have to replace the tandem of loyal heads of cabinet Hill, and Timothy, who were forced to resign for them to shield after being targeted by a nomenklatura, Tory decided to put it ‘under the protection’. And the choice of the substitute confirms: here comes Gavin Barwell, a former undersecretary and a man of the apparatus, one of the members of the outgoing non-re-elected for a ‘fault’ of the early voters.

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