Graphite Taranto Comix 2019 with Davide Fabbri and the Area of Graphite Kids


Published on Dec 13, 2019


Will be held tomorrow, December 14 and Sunday December 15, the sixth edition of the Taranto Comix, one of the appointments on the rise in the south of Italy, which sees the return as the official partner of Graphite – School of Drawing, Comic and Illustration that will host this year at his booth the artist Davide Fabbri (The Unknown – The New Adventures: the Lights of The West, Star Wars, Batman Unhinged, Hellblazer).

Returns also the Area of Graphite Kids after the great participation of the last year: one stand entirely dedicated to Graphite, Kids, the Drawing course in Junior for boys and girls aged 7 to 13 years. The fair, parents will have the opportunity to try it for free to their children the experience of the “Kids” along with mentors and professionals; when we simply need to stand Graphite to book an hour of drawing.

Also MangaForever will be the protagonist of the show nick with two talk who do not need presentations:

Among the other guests of the event, Andrea Sorrentino, winner of the Eisner Award 2019 to Gideon Falls (best new series 2018), independent comics written by Jeff Lemire and in Italy, published by Bao Publishing, will present and sign in the preview of the first panels of the Joker: KILLER SMILE, his new work soon to be published.

To follow, Fabio Celoni, the author loved in Italy and appreciated abroad, that many will remember for the famous “Trilogy of Terror” made for Mickey mouse and made by trattico “Dracula by Bram Topker”, “The strange case of dr. Ratkyll and mister Hyde” and “Duckenstein”, will be at the show in two days.

It would not be Taranto Comix without the darlings of the world of the “Tube”, which this year will be represented by pisano, Dario Moccia, class of 1990. Approaches to comics and animation since young, and then to deepen her interests and graduated first from the art school of his city, and then at the LABA of Florence. In 2011, he started to use YouTube to share with the users of the platform, his passions, thus creating true tribute of love to his work and to his favorite authors.

For info and tickets, click here.

Graphite Taranto Comix 2019 with Davide Fabbri and the Area of Graphite Kids is




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