Graphite: talks professional with Davide Barzi and inauguration of the new headquarters


Published on Sep 24, 2018


By the end of September, the school of Graphics and Cartoon of Apulia has put in field a series of activities that constitute the full record of the projects designed and implemented with success in 2018.

It starts with interviews of professional, real exams that involve children enrolled in the three-year course of comic and illustration dedicated to the fans but also to those who want to specialize and become a professional sector. And as usual, in addition to the teachers of the school, to examine the students will be a guest of exception: this year is Davide Barzi, screenwriter, editor, writer, and historian of comics.

The exams will be held, as always in the three locations of the school: 25 and 26 September in Bari, the 27 Taranto, 28, and 29 in Lecce. The exams are only the first step of the appointments desired by Graphite for the beginning of autumn. On 3 October, in fact, there will be the inauguration of the new headquarters of Bari, a further step forward for the school, which continues to invest to expand and qualify the spaces dedicated to the training activities. Sign this of a project, clear and long-term Graphite, which year after year adds an important element to the dissemination of the heritage of knowledge related to the comics.


Davide Barzi, screenwriter, writes to the heads of the Dylan Dog, Nathan Never and Dampyr of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, for which he has also published the story at The Heart of Lombroso (with Francesco De Stena) to the series, The Stories. For ReNoir edited the award-winning series Don Camillo to the comics and has written the Only clue tennis shoes. He is the author of G&G – Giorgio Gaber comics, designed by Sergio Gerasi. With Paolo Maggioni, the drawings of David Castelluccio, has made Giacinto Facchetti – The noise does not score goals. With Claudio Riva, illustrations by Alessandro Ambrosoni, has published Giorgio Strehler – A comic book by three money. Gives life along with Fabiano Ambu to the adventure of Joseph, Luca Usai to those of Jorge Sanchez & Dragòn THEM. Gianfranco Florio and Luke I Used to create all months in the strip Paputsi for the magazine Scarp de’ tenis. Its also The Queens of Terror (edizioni BD), a biography of the creators of Diabolik. The paper Sings – The comics in the music, the music in the comic (And. Cartoon Club), edited with Stefano Gorla, and Paolo Guiducci, won Franco Fossati award as the best book about comics. Its also the book of nursery rhymes, gothic illustrates The theater of the dolls death, with illustrations by Giovanni Rigano.


2018 for Graphite and for his many supporters, will also be remembered as the year of changes and new projects. The 3rd of October at 18.00 will be held the inauguration of the new headquarters of Bari via Aurelio Carrante 5.

A moving but also the beginning of a new adventure that has as main axes the training and the constant commitment of the whole team of Graphite in transmitting the culture of the comic book. In addition to the usual ribbon cutting, the 3 October, there will be two Open day. The first is dedicated to the Course of Modeling and print 3d characters, created in collaboration with the Apulia Makers 3d, designed for an audience of designers, beginners or veterans, who wish to gain skills to spend on successful production about the world of comics, animation, role-playing games, video games; the second is instead aimed at an audience of children and young people, the Graphite Kids, and a course in drawing and comics imagined for a band between the ages of 7 and 13 years. On 3 October, and then also during the Open Day, there will be teachers, who will explain in detail the courses, but especially to make practical demonstrations of teaching methods.

Graphite: talks professional with Davide Barzi and inauguration of the new premises of




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