Grant Morrison, they railed against Alan Moore and Watchmen


Published on Dec 12, 2018


Although they are both two great authors that have left their mark in the world of comics, is known for the creative remote, which separates Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. The cartoonist scot, in a recent discussion dedicated to him from the magazine, Full Bleed, is back to talk about why I love Watchmen, and the narrative style of Alan Moore.

“The fact that none of the characters can be more intelligent than the author makes me crazy,” the words of Morrison's “The smartest man in the world is actually an idiot, he devises a plan for the whole of his life and then at the end is dammed in a moment, then, the psychiatrist sits down with Rorschach telling a trivial story about how he became a vigilante and the psychiatrist collapses, despite being someone who deals with the criminal would have to already be hardened by the millions and millions of stories already felt in prison. It was all a demonstration to highlight how the world of superheroes is not as the real one“.

Morrison then speaks specifically about his relationship with Moore: “I have nothing to do with him and him with me, there is no feud like many comic book fans like to think, because in order to ensure that there is a feud should involve the people. I read his stuff and I know that he reads mine, even if you won't admit it publicly. We are two people so similar and yet so different, the only logical consequence of this is that among us there is a conflict”.

Despite the negative opinion of Morrison, argued, and therefore respectable, Watchmen is still a very beloved by fans so much so that HBO has decided to make a tv adaptation, which also features a cast: Jeremy Irons (in an older version of Ozymandias) Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Aquaman), Tom Mison (Sleepy Hollow), Frances Fisher (Titanic), James Wolk (Lucifer Effect, Mad Men, and Zoo), and Jacob Ming-Trent (Superfly), all the recently announced and added to the Don Johnson, Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., Adelaide Clemens, and Andrew Howard. To compose the soundtrack of the series, as officially announced by HBO, will be Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, better known by the name of Nine Inch Nails.

From what has emerged up to now, the series will be set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it seems that it will follow the characters that are not present in the comics of Watchmen. The plot of the comic originaleservirà then as a point of departure for the plot of the television series. “We don't want to transpose all of the comics that Moore and Gibbons have created thirty years ago,” wrote the executive producer Damon Lindelof in a recent post on the social “Those events are like a sacred area and shall not be re-created or reproduced by the head.”

The mini-series comic book was originally published in the USA by DC Comics in twelve monthly issues between 1986 and 1987, and collected in a single volume for the first time in 1987, only to then be reprinted countless times.

(via io9)

Grant Morrison, they railed against Alan Moore and Watchmen is




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