Grammarly: what it is and how it works


Published on Sep 14, 2018


Write a text or an article in English can be quite difficult. Some aspects of grammar or punctuation may escape even those who study it assiduously. To avoid errors, or still have, an aid can be a decisive factor, it can help to expand your vocabulary, and improve writing techniques. The best service in this field is definitely Grammarly, we see immediately what it is and how it works.

It's an app released for the first time in 2009 and that allows it to track in the texts in the English language and potential errors of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. The English is not perfectly equal in all parts of the world. Just for this allows you to choose between british English, american, canadian and australian. By using the service, you can also specify if you want to write something formal or informal, if the purpose is to inform, describe, or teach. In this way, the software suggests automatically the best words to use and indicates whether it is succeeding in her aim with a number of rank up to 100.

Get Grammarly is extremely simple. Just go to the official site to register and use the service as an extension of the browser, or download the native app available for Windows and Mac. For anyone who loves does not commit errors in mobility is possible, both Android and iOS, download the keyboard provided the same service.

The service is offered at the beginning is partial. In fact, there is a premium version much more complete, at an acceptable price. Specifically, it offers:

The purchase of the premium version can be made, on the basis of need, with different plans. Specifically:

It is evident that the service prefers the premium plan annual. The price is not prohibitive, and those who absolutely need it will buy it without problems. According to when declared by the service, and its users are extremely satisfied with it, probably using every day, Grammarly, you could arrive to no longer need.

Grammarly becomes much more powerful if associated with a CMS or programs for writing. Why not read some of our articles about it?




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