Governor: what they are and how to exploit them to the best advantage?

Published on Jul 11, 2016

Most geeks already know what is a Governor Android and how it works. For a user who approaches the world of modding, however, remains a whole world to discover. With this guide, we will try to clarify and guide you in choosing the right settings.

The use of the frequency of the processor is managed by a kind of profile: in this way we will have, at the change of the work load, a response from the processor. This profile, therefore, governs (here the governor) the manner and time in which the CPU goes to vary its frequency. With a work load is high, the frequency will increase, while with a working load low will decrease to save energy.

The governor is not only a peculiarity of the Custom Kernel: in fact there are also in the KNOW stock, but are not variables in the settings if you do not with Root permissions enabled. The most common are usually 5, which we will explain briefly:

These are the only governor more popular with regard to the stock kernel. If you decide to enter the world of modding and using a custom kernel, the choices are much broader.

If my smartphone work properly why should I use a custom kernel? This may be one of many questions that you are asking at this time. A custom kernel allows you to choose more accurate than the stock settings that govern it.

Remember: you can use a kernel which is not stock only in the event that you unlocked the bootloader, installed a custom recovery and have root permissions.

How and why to install a Custom Recovery

Whether you are in fact looking for more performance, or want to extend the life of the battery will be much easier if you use a custom kernel with the right governor. To do this however you will need to know how the governor more particular should be to change the scaling of your cpu.

These are the main governor that you can find in a custom kernel: there are others, but they are really not popular and hardly used.

In addition to having enabled the root permissions to be able to make the most of a custom kernel you need to use an application with a graphical interface that allows you to change the values. The most common are basically two: kernel adiutor and synapse.

This application is developed directly from one of the most famous maintainers at the CM 13, Willi Ye Aka Grarak). Kernel adiutor lets you, through a pleasant graphical user interface, to keep under control all the key parameters of our kernel. The app is organized into convenient tabs, one for the section, which are divided as follows:

On the basis of availability of your kernel will be able to change a multitude of settings. At the top of each tab you will find the option to make the selected values to default at startup. You go from the frequencies of the Cpu and those Gpu and you can set the scheduler I/O in addition to calibrate the screen colors. The application is completely free and can be downloaded directly from the Playstore. Absolutely recommended if you have a custom kernel installed on your smartphone to be able to customize it to the maximum.


The other really interesting application to be able to put the hand to your kernel. Unlike Kernel Adiutor, Synapse has some limitations: it is compatible with kernels that have implemented the Universal Kernel Manager. You can alternatively download from here a simple file .zip to install via recovery it will read the settings available in your kernel and transfer it automatically to Synapse.

Synapse is organized into convenient tabs in the scroll that will let you choose all the settings of your custom kernel. One of the main differences with respect to the kernel adiutor is that it must be suppportato directly from the kernel, otherwise it reads back the values. From the point of view of completeness, perhaps there are other, allows you to control the perfection in every aspect of the custom kernel , perhaps less intuitive but nonetheless effective. The list of configurable settings is really long:

Also Synapse is available for free in the Playstore, but don't forget to check that it is compatible with your kernel before using it.


A very interesting feature common to both applications is the ability to use profiles. This allows you to use the settings already tested by other users, and often broken down by category of use on the page of your kernel or in a page linked and destined to the profiles.

As we have seen, the possibility of customization of the kernel, mainly through the governor and frequencies that you allow us to excerpt the best from your device. You just need to try to mix the various settings available, remembering that there are no configurations that are the absolute best.

Depending on the use you make of your device is to you to find the settings that suit you.

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