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Published on Feb 06, 2019


In the Manga it revives in a new Deluxe edition of the first season of Gourmet Masayuki Qusumi and Jiro Taniguchi.

The protagonist of Gourmet is the representative Goro Inogashira, shy and solitary, who, for obvious reasons of work is forced to move and to travel not only in the huge megalopolis that is Tokyo, but also throughout the archipelago japanese.

The events of the " use it as a fly food, Inogashira, in fact, is a gourmet and when he is hungry or goes to places he knows or does not disdain to experience the places and flavors. That is the time of lunch or dinner, but also early in the morning or afternoon or night does not matter, the important thing is to find a place to sit and eat.

Those of Inogashira, however, are, yes, “wanderings” – the book is divided into 19 short chapters all to themselves – dictated by hunger, but the result is diametrically opposite to that of a food critic. The “research” Inogashiro is dictated rather by the pursuit of happiness, of goodness and tranquility.

So some dishes will bring to the surface memories of their childhood or youth – Chapter Nine. But they are only the dishes, they are also the place to contribute to make the experience of the meal is all-encompassing as in Chapters Twelve, Thirteen, or Sixteen.

The idea at the basis of this experience that it is in the act of eating then there is a matrix deeper: the protagonist escapes the freneticità of the world, carving out a space of absolute tranquility that is the meal. The gesture is disruptive – especially if you take into account the freneticità of japanese society – and it is an experience of absolute freedom and fulfillment of that Chapter Fifteen is an odd witness or as a special placed in this Deluxe edition.

Gourmet is a book light but intoxicating, and as mysterious as it is simple.

The hunger of Inogashira is often in fact a mere pretext for Qusumi to evoke memories and sensations, discovering what's enough and more about this mysterious and intriguing protagonist, but also to show with simplicity how the different foods, the different places but also different companies and states of mind affecting an act – that of eating – which is considered automatic, in reality, conceals not only the gestures and practices similar yet distinctive from dish to dish, from place to place, but it is also an experience that involves body and spirit.

His lyrics are precise and strict when it comes to describing the various dishes that Inogashiro sort in the course of the chapters, with ample space left in the captions, which, however, are never tiresome being well-balanced with the dialogues essential but effective space by the tone of dreamlike and thoughtful up to that ironic if not downright comic.

Jiro Taniguchi's shows in the Gourmet all his capacity for synthesis. In the few pages that comprise each chapter – never more than a ten – Sensei working on the construction of the table, with a preference for horizontality, and size that allows you to get more boxes without leaving out important details of the story. The attention is all focused on the protagonist and on his / her expressivity and that, thanks to the stroke that is round and mellifluous of Taniguchi, allows us to experience in “first person” is the dishes that the places and their feelings.

Gourmet is highly recommended to lovers of japanese culture, all-round and in particular to those who appreciate japanese cuisine beyond the banal, and become westernized sushi. Gourmet, however, it is also a book unique in its kind because it combines one of the obsessions of our company, the food, with a sensitivity to the delicate and entirely dedicated to the memories and sensations of food, places and experiences.

As far as the new Deluxe edition, Planet Manga not only changes the format, with a cardboard cover that replaces the paperback, but serves Gourmet for the first time with the sense of the original reading, and to complete the volume, in addition to the full-bodied post-faction – in reality, a true story in prose of the Qusumi, there is also a chapter unpublished. Sliding the translation, and it's also an excellent adaptation with a great job in the indicate, by means of the specific notes, never obtrusive, the features of some of the ingredients.

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