Gossip news: Federica Pellegrini starts by Gabriele Said?

Published on Aug 19, 2017

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Federica Pellegrini has always found a love in the bathtub. In the beginning it was Luca Marin (then partner of former gieffina Gwendolyn Canessa), then there was the long history with Filippo Magnini and now, according to the weekly ‘Spy’ on the newsstand from today, concluded the report with the sample from pesaro would have started another with my colleague Gabriele Said.

The magazine of the Mondadori Group launches the scoop, that would be one of the most sensational in the summer in the reality of poor arguments. The only reliable data are Those, already medal at the Rio Olympics and winner of the last World cup in Budapest of the gold in the 800 freestyle, you are just left with the partner of the national Stefania Pirozzi, while also the love between Federica and Magnini is permanently stored so much so that she is on a family holiday in Puglia, between Peschici and Vieste, as evidenced by the numerous shots in addition to the fans while Goofy is having fun on the Riviera romagnola and recently was caught in a disco in Milano Marittima, while having fun with Gianluca Vacchi who was in the console.

And then Said to each other? According to the rumors launched by ‘Spy’ in these last few weeks, the champion of tuscany, which at the end of August will be celebrating 23 years old and the swimmer Italian is no more (that is years old and he has 29 made at the beginning of the month) you would be much closer. The only beninformati speak to a lot of ‘like‘ that are posted on their respective pictures, much time spent together even when they are not in the race, a clear affinity. Suffice all of this to would like to talk of love? We will only know later, but meanwhile, just to ignite a summer of poor gossip.

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