Gossip, here is the new flame by Simone Rugiati

Published on Sep 22, 2017

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By about three months, Simone Rugiati, the famous chef on tv that recently has also been the protagonist in prime time on Channel 5 before to You yes que vales, and then Selfie – things change, it's back to being single after the end of the love story with the model Carla Cruz, just deleted from the GF Vip 2017. In reality, however, the situation for him has changed again because now it is a couple of fixed with Ahlam El Brinis, as revealed exclusively in the weekly ‘Today’.

The girl is the fascinating model of moroccan descent, even if he lives for a very long time in the province of padua, at the beginning of the summer had made a selfie with the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini and the photos he had put in jeopardy his relationship with the tv presenter Elisa Isoardi. In reality, however, between them seems not to be successful in anything, while the girl is now happily in love with Rugiati. The confirmation has come directly from the chef, which he also narrated how they met: he was returning from the farewell with the Cruz, a love that is finished badly, and one night in the disco it is also found close to this unknown girl that danced as if it was absent. A feeling that he tried him, and so he decided to deepen the knowledge.

A couple of months they pair of fixed, even if they are left uncovered only now that there is nothing to hide, and soon she will move, and also for reasons related to work, in Milan to be closer to his love. “She is beautiful on the inside, it is sweet, it is social and helps me to think,” admits Simone. And that picture with the Salvini? According to him, had been taken only to send her to the mother of the girl, there was never nothing.

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