Gossip, Guendalina Canessa broke up with Karina?

Published on Aug 06, 2017

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Everyone knows about the deep relationship that ties the years, Guendalina Canessa and Karina Cascella. The former gieffina and the historical columnist of Men and Women have shared the joys of motherhood but also the pain for their love stories ended badly with Daniele Interrante and Sasà Angelucci, yet now it seems that between the two women, there is a huge rupture, caused, perhaps, from the latest choices of Canessa.

In the last hours, in fact, Gwendolyn has posted on his profile Instagram an image together with Margherita Zanatta, her great friend, even if they have attended the Big Brother in two different editions (she's the seventh, the speaker monzese the eleventh), and he dedicated a sweet message by repeating how important it is to have a person near you can always count on, that always makes me laugh and who is not jealous. All that until some time ago was for her Karina but it seems that between the two women very much in these weeks will be changed: the profile of the Canessa in fact, there are no pictures together, no exchange of messages, and it seems that not even you follow the most on social.

To the many fans who have asked for an explanation, the former gieffina, he answered that simply, you can have the most special friends in life but not explained clearly if are true the rumors of a break-up. At the base, however, there would be contrasts for the return of the flame with Pietro Aradori. The famous basketball player had broken because she could not reconcile the relationship with Gwendolyn, and the one with the daughter, Chloe, and the Cascella, once again, had remained near his friend. Now, however, she decided to start the story and this could have created an irreparable rift between the two women.

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