Gossip, Fabrizia De Andre defends the Christian father

Published on Mar 15, 2017

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The family saga as opposed Francesca De André to her father, a Christian, accused Sunday Live have beat him in a brutal the youngest daughter, Alice, last summer in Sardinia is enriched by a new chapter because now, to defend the well-known singer and the son of art, think of the eldest daughter, Fabrizia, with a long post in which she want to tell the whole truth about what happened that day because he bothers to listen to some falsehood.

Fabrizia De Andre confirms that on that day she was there and saw what happened, contrary to Francesca that instead if you did tell. And you were there also Octavia, the current girlfriend of his father, and their home. Alice is returning from a party with friends and just came into the house, began to insult the heavily father who took the exasperation he pulled a single punch. At that point the girl began to scream as if they were beating even if it was not true, but many have heard the screams without knowing what had happened. In the end the father decided to call an emergency doctor who has given medicine to Alice to calm her down.

Then according to you nothing happened because if there was truly a danger to the girl, she would be put in the middle and instead it was just a slap in the face. And here comes the ball to Francesca De Andrè: “Certain falsehoods probably they are told because you have no other topics to talk about. The discussion is not ended in tragedy. In addition, there has been no complaint against my father by Alice, and the last the day after the incident, Alice, without any scratch, was on the beach with friends”.

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