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Published on Mar 14, 2020


The name of Hirohiko Araki is among the most prominent within the landscape of the mangaka. Known around the globe for his most famous work, and sui generis, Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, whose first edition dates back to 1987, the first to engage in the writing of this epic generational the Teacher had published several stories of episodic, divided into chapters published deadlines on a regular basis.

By the some time Star Comics has put on the market the newest editions of these works, which contain all the outputs on a regular basis, these manga in a single volume.

In this specific case, it will be my pleasure to tell you briefly about Gorgeous Irene, self-contained story whose protagonist is a charming blonde girl.


In these early works of Hirohiko Araki, you can already find lots of items that will be included in followed in the Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, and of course, Gorgeous Irene is no exception.

Published for the first time in Japan in 1897, Gorgeous Irene was at that time divided into chapters that were published monthly on the Montly Shonen Jump, the group Shueisha. But who is the magnificent Irene?

Irene's appearance might seem like a sixteen year old like many others, but hides many secrets: in reality, the girl is a professional killer. But it does not end here!

For his misfortune, Irene lost her parents, and the fact that it belongs to a sicilian family of killers puts it in a condition to be constantly at the heels, the different mafia families rival.

Irene is still a girl naive, but when it comes to fighting you can also rely on his skills entirely out of the common: this is, in fact, able to change their character and their appearance simply by wearing makeup, and this is in itself already bizarre feature should be added to its incredible speed of movement and the ability to impose on its objectives in a very effective mind control.

Already just from these elements it is possible to find a number of similarities with what we will see in the spectacular, The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, and also with a... Dragon Ball:


Star Comics has really thought to do things in a big way, with his unmistakable style, which aims not only to present to his readers a faithful reproduction of the plates that make up the manga, which distributes here in Italy, but also of the unique volumes, complete and solidly bound.

In the case of Gorgeous Irene, then, the volume is further embellished by the presence of some colour pages and the other dedicated to the story of certain episodes that relate to the creative process of stories and characters that inspire this weird story, but if you want to give you an idea even more precise method of work of the Master, we also recommend reading The Manga the second Hirohiko Araki, published in Italy by Star Comics and where you can find my review here.

Finally, in the volume dedicated to the Gorgeous Irene you will also find two stories for setting western, give my regards to Virginia, the mold instead of science fiction, and, finally, a new case of Magical B. T.


Gorgeous Irene is a dynamic adventure that adds to its intrinsic value and also the possibility for fans of the Bizarre Adventures of JoJo to discover the first works written and illustrated by the Master Hirohiko Araki.

The compactness and the excellent quality of the materials used for the production of the volume, and the presence within it of different extras as the story of some of the anecdotes and other short stories make Gorgeous Irene a purchase must for all fans new and old of the father of JoJo.

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