Google will buy Apple for $ 9 billion, but that is a mistake of the Dow Jones index


Published on Oct 11, 2017


For some time Google has been the owner of Apple after an acquisition by us $ 9 billion, at least according to the Dow Jones. It was obviously a false news published by mistake...

Yesterday, the Dow Jones has published via press release the news of the acquisition of Apple by Google for a sum close to us $ 9 billion. For a few moments, this news is fake has pushed significantly up the value of Apple shares. The value of the shares is then returned in the standard in a matter of a few minutes.

The news reported that Larry Page and Steve Jobs had begun to discuss this acquisition in 2010. Jobs would have made this his will, even to his closest collaborators before his death, for a final sale of 9 billion dollars. The price was absolutely out of the market and impractical, given that Apple is worth much, much more.

The Dow Jones has now apologized and has issued a communication to confirm that the news had been published for a “technical error“.

Who knows how it would have been an iPhone Pixels 3!

Link to the original article: Google acquires Apple for 9 billion dollars, but that is a mistake of the Dow Jones index




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