Google To not reach the results you hoped for, pause the investments, the emphasis will be all about “Chat”


Published on Apr 20, 2018


Been using Google To the how to app for messaging? Then perhaps it is time to change the platform. This is not a real abandonment of the app, but its development is paused. In particular, Anil's central location are approximately of the Google decided to “pause investment” in The, with the intention of focusing all the attention on Android Messages.

It is a decision necessary, since the giant tech has decided to focus on the Rich Communication Services (RCS). Google time trying to solve the problem of the app for messaging, but now instead of putting on the table an app better, is trying to change a little cards, and on a global scale. As we read, in fact in a special edition of The Verge, Google has assembled the largest phone operators to promote the adoption of a technology to replace SMS. It will be called “Chat”, and is based on a standard called “Universal Profile for Rich Communications Services”. In short, it is an attempt to put the SMS as we know them today, to greatly enhance the experience of texting on Android smartphones, so as to bring it to the level of those of the modern app for messaging.

💡 NOTE: just like SMS, the messages in “Chat”, or you will not be protected by encryption end-to-end. In other words, the service will not be safe as the iMessage of Apple.

No, Google will not make the much-wanted clone of iMessage for Android, but will attempt to persuade the operators to do so. Big G wants to achieve important results in the field of messaging, but to do this he had to admit before the defeat.

In practice, it has not reached the hoped-for results, the downloads were not enough. In view of this, it makes no sense to continue to invest in a competitor – currently very weak – to Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Google To will continue to operate, and the company will continue to support the platform “in any way”. The company however has not taken yet a final decision on what to do with the app: "we Want to do the right thing for users. We want to make the right decisions, and we don't want to do things in a hurry," said's central location are approximately.

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