Google Tasks, the app to manage your tasks


Published on Apr 27, 2018


Google releases on the App Store the application Tasks, designed to better manage the daily activities and to-do.

With Google Tasks you can acquisre and edit your tasks directly, thanks to the reminders that sync across all your devices (both iOS and Android). Leveraging the integration with Gmail and Google Calendar, you can better manage your activities.

The app lets you create task lists with reminders, the most important, but also view, edit, and manage activities at any time, including those created in Gmail or Calendar on the Web from your mobile device.

You can add details and create sub-tasks, and then edit the individual tabs as the work goes on. Tasks can be created directly from an email in Gmail, and appear in the side pane of the app. You can also track down the original email from which arise the activities.

Among other functions, you can set a deadline for each task and reach your goals, but also organize your tasks by date or drag them to establish their priorities. You can then receive notification reminders of deadlines not to be left behind. Google Tasks integrates with the Executed of Google, both private and for companies. Among other things, it is also possible to exploit the artificial intelligence of Google to provide every employee with in-depth information and analysis of the data

Google Tasks is available for free on the App Store.

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