Google publicly reveals a serious flaw in the installer Provided for Android, but Epic Games is not good


Published on Aug 27, 2018


You know probably that Epic Games has decided to deploy Fortnite on Android devices in total autonomy, then, without going through the Google Play Store. A decision, however, has had serious consequences for users.

Bypassing the Play Store, Epic Games must not be a part of the revenues to Google (even if the official statement issued is another, ndr), and to proceed with the installation of the game you need to download an Installer from the official website of the developer. But as confirmed by Google, a vulnerability in the installation file that allowed you to download and install on your devices and content that is harmful, obviously without the knowledge of user.

Google has informed Epic Games of the situation on the 15th of August, with the team of developers that has fortunately already released a patch to resolve the problem. The giant tech has today posted the news, remembering how difficult it is to “discover” these vulnerabilities in applications that do not go to the Play Store.

The installation process for Fortnite on Android provides an installer, an app that you start and then download the whole game directly from Epic. The problem, according to the press release from Google, concerning the installation file, so vulnerable as to be easily “hackerabile”, allowing the download of additional content, we repeat, without the user's knowledge.

But in spite of the help provided, Epic Games has absolutely appreciate that Google has made public the news in so little time. Below is an excerpt from the press release:

Epic appreciates the sincere effort of Google to make a thorough security check of Fortnite after our release on Android, and the sharing of the results has allowed us to quickly resolve the vulnerability that they found.

However, it was irresponsible for Google to share with the public details of the vulnerability so quickly, at a time when not all of the installation files had been updated and were therefore still vulnerable. [...] A company as powerful as Google should act with timing the best, and not put in danger the users as part of its efforts against the distribution of Fortnite outside of the Play Store from Epic.

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