Google provides the police with the details of the nearby users to the locations of particular crimes


Published on Mar 20, 2018


If you find yourself in the vicinity of a crime just committed, you could find yourself with your personal data seized by the police with the help of Google. Here are the details.

Both the United States and in Britain, the police requested and obtained from Google's data of all the users that were near the areas where had occurred of particular crimes. Thanks to these data, the police can know who was staying nearby while they committed those crimes, then going to help facilitate the investigation.

This detection of the position offered by Google can be used to locate suspects or potential witnesses. Even in cases where the GPS is turned off in the Google app, it is still possible to understand where a person taking advantage of the Wi-Fi connections or the cellular network.

Google has not commented on the details of this report, but said that “We have a well-established procedure that determines the way in which law enforcement can request data about our users. Let's carefully examine each request and we reject it when it's overly generic”.

According to a spokesman of the police department of Raleigh, account data required concern not only the Android users, but anyone who uses the Google apps, also on iOS. Police want Google to release the coordinates of the position with time stamp for each device that has passed through the area, but in extreme cases are required also other info such as notes, user and dates of birth.

This story is the emergence of new the age-old issue between privacy protection and public safety.

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