Google Lens, the TO for images, on arrival on the Google Photos app for iOS!


Published on Mar 16, 2018


Last month, Google announced that Lens, its a tool for the analysis of the photos, it would have arrived on iOS. That time has finally arrived, and the tool will in fact be released starting next week all users that use Google Photos.

Google Lens, as Assistant, is an extension of Google Search. Is able to analyze the elements that appear in a photo, and provide search results and detailed information. For example, analyzing a picture where there is a phone number and/or address, Lens provide tips to make a call and/or get directions.

Among other features we find:

In Google Photos, the Lens can be invoked with a tap on the new icon included in the toolbar. After a few seconds, required for the analysis of the photo, a panel will show the information that the tool has created, and the search results.

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According to the press release from Google, the Lens will be available on the Google Photos app for iOS starting from version 3.15:

Starting today and rolling out over the next week, those of you on iOS can try the preview of Google Lens to quickly take action from a photo or discover more about the world around you. Make sure you have the latest version (3.15) of the app.

— Google Photos (@googlephotos) march 15, 2018

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