Google, good-bye to Hangouts on air: will be included in YouTube

Published on Aug 16, 2016

When there is the smell of redundancy that Google always tries to eliminate the less advantageous tender in favour of the most used – and, why not, more profitable.

Google Hangouts has been a success, mainly thanks to Google+, so much so that Google decided a short time after the launch to introduce a feature that would allow the start of the Live events to speak with their fans and their supporters.

Hangouts On Air: Google makes them even more efficient and complete

This feature took the name of “Hangouts” or “Hangouts On Air” – and has also been used by distinguished figures ranging from Mr. President is Brad Pitt.

However, Google has in this sense a second, but more strong, a workhorse: it is YouTube Live, which, unless a different platform, lets you do pretty much the same thing. One of the two products, therefore, had to be eliminated or, at the very least, lose its original shape.

And how easy it is to think what is going to happen to Hangouts on air, starting from the upcoming September 12, 2016, the feature will no longer be available in Google+, but embedded in YouTube Live.

Hangouts on air will be moved from Google+ to YouTube Live on the 12th of September. If you want to plan the new Hangouts, you'll need to use YouTube Live. After the 12 September will not be possible to schedule events on Google+ and you need to move on YouTube all existing events already scheduled for the dates subsequent to September 12.

As you read on the support page of Google, the feature will be added in the Google Creator Studio, the voice Events Live Streaming: from there it will be possible to create a new live event using Hangouts on air, and launch it immediately or later.

The said event will be, as always, shared with everyone, made private or shared only with certain contacts. Compared to Hangouts, there will be on YouTube Live the good features of Q&A, Showcase and Applause.

Therefore, Google+ will lose another piece in favor of a cousin and more powerful; it will remain “only” a social layer reduced to the bone?

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