Google event: today at 17:00 live. The company has teased with lots of leaked fake?


Published on Oct 09, 2018


Today at 17:00 Italian will be a rich event Google. Will be presented with lots of news but these days are already leaked in the form of a leak, and then basically we should already know everything... or not?

Google may have concocted the whole: the company probably has staged the biggest tease of the last few years to be able to keep secret the real devices. He has simply given in to the internet what he wanted: images and news to be published in the preview, in such a way to divert attention away from the real products.

In a video posted to Twitter, directly from Google, it reads “you think you know everything already? See you at 17:00 for the event”

I know you think you know... Tune in tomorrow to see for yourself. #madebygoogle

— Made by Google (@madebygoogle) October 8, 2018

It is precisely this message that suggests a big tease. The products in reality could be very different, also because the design leaked out is somewhat ridiculous, old, and devoid of grace.

This is the Pixels 3 on the left, and the Pixels 3 XL on the right. As you can see they both of the frames of the giant, both on top and bottom. In the XL model, we find a Notch to say the least, disproportionate, and clumsy.. really bad. This same image could be also shown during the real presentation, as a sort of joke, then, to create the effect of “surprise” when would be shown the true Pixels 3 XL that could be so:

The other Leak could be fake. For example, on the new Google Home Hub which essentially is a speaker with a screen that seems to be leaning over without a minimum of integration in the design:

Should be presented also of the Tablet, the Pixels Slate and PixelBook 2. There will also be a mounting plate for wireless charging in the vertical, a new Chromecast, and wireless headphones Pixels Buds 2.

In short, we do not know what truth is, but if Google had concocted it all, spreading images as fake, and making them viral, creating real hardware products to review someone on YouTube to give value to the news and making sales-account ahead of time in some shops of China, we should give kudos to the marketing department and the one that is responsible for the safety of the company.

All of this we'll find out at 17:00 and we decided to follow the Google event with a live video on our YouTube channel.

Just as with Apple events, you'll see (in big, in the center of the screen), the actual streaming Google. To the sides of the screen instead there will be two small windows with Rocco and Peter who will comment on everything and translate in Italian what is presented.

If you want to follow the Google event with us, the appointment is at 17:00 on our YouTube channel, which I recommend you sign up to receive a notification as soon as it starts.

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