Google and its animals, 3D in augmented reality


Published on May 08, 2020


Dear BigG, the giant of Silicon Valley, has made available on the Web a fun new function that is able to create their own virtual zoo, without the need to reach the most remote places to capture the animals favorite. Users can now view a variety of animals 3D in Google Search using augmented reality.

As explained by the founder of the site the basic concept of the project is the easiest way to get to know something, being able to see it in actual size and with a high level of detail. If we want to is the technological evolution of the one that, up until a few years ago, it was with the goggles for three-dimensional vision: watch a film in 3D when wearing the special glasses, the viewer felt completely immersed in the scene, achieving an experience that is very addictive.

Peering at the things with augmented reality, users can appreciate the scale of an object, in addition to identify the details that otherwise would not be noticed by a simple two-dimensional image. To facilitate access, Google puts its animals, 3D and other objects of augmented reality at the top of the search results.

For example, the search of the “tiger” will show a panel with knowledge of the Google Search: in the case of an animal in 3D through Google, you see an overview of what the animal is, some images of it and a section that leads the person who has done the research to “meet” a tiger-sized with the 3D display in a simple click, so the button starts the experience with the animal in 3D in augmented reality.

Another fun side of this feature is that it allows you to see materialize the object of research also in your living room, from the moment that the solution of the augmented reality adopted allows you to customize the animal and make it appear in any real-world environment, framed as is clearly seen in the official video presentation.

But there is more than simple animals 3D, in fact there are also a number of other inanimate objects thanks to the collaboration with certain sites, and famous brands to reveal products, furniture and even the human body in three dimensions. Are satisfied for the lovers of astronomy with the planets, for example, which appear most reliably when you add “depth” to the search query.

In short, starting from the animal world you can probably define it as one of the approaches soft more benefit to attract the attention of the general public, so much so that even the increase of the animoji depicting the sweet little animals in the house, Apple has made a lot of noise among the fans of the mobile industry. To start with objects in augmented reality all you need is a smartphone or a tablet rather recently with Android 7.0 or later versions, but in this regard, Google has compiled a list of all the supported devices, which includes phones Google, Nokia, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, Samsung and Xiaomi.

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